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I am a wife and mommy to three, but in all of that- I am a seamstress who loves sewing and connecting with other people who love the art of sewing!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Fabric shopping in Japan!!!!


We celebrated Labor Day weekend yesterday, which, was Monday for us in Japan...My hubby was off so I decided to go shopping at a store called Livin's...Similar to a Walmart back in the states...Oh how I miss my Wally World lol...Okay, as I was browsing, lo and behold I found a fabric shop..I hit the jacket pot, at least I did; however, not too sure about the hubby's wallet though lol...I tried to take plenty of pictures of some of the fabric.It was a little small, and the prices seemed to be pretty high or maybe I am just used to Everyting seem to be priced at or around 12-14yen...So here are couple of pics hope you enjoy!

A small fabric store in Japan

More fabric!

Beautiful cotton fabric!

Snoop shopping!
The fashion in Japan(mind you it was 90+outside yesterday smh)

A parting pic of my hubby and my son!Love it!
                        As always Divas be blessed and nothin' less enjoy your Labor day!
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