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Monday, January 17, 2011

Muslin, Muslin, Muslin Butterick 5331

    Hey Divas, I have been working over here on Butterick 5331..While to some it may not be much of a challenge but for me it is posing a big challenge... The first challenge being, having never made any sort of jacket or shirt with buttons ,so this will be a first of many... Secondly, after doing a muslin this weekend...I realized that this jacket was not going to button comfortably as shown in the line drawings.  May I also add that I've never considered myself to have a full bust, but therefore after realizing that I would need to do (gasp) the dreaded FBA for some... I almost stuck my tail between my legs and ran home lol......

After I got my second wind. I said to myself  will I be a hinderance to myself? Because people we know we can often times hinder ourselves.... But that's another topic another day lol... But I said,"nope"...So,   I proceeded to get out my fitting books and search the internet in hopes of more clarity, to trudge through with this needed FBA... I must say that the task wasn't as daunting as I had thought it to be.... Now, for my disclaimer: Time will tell to see if I did the FBA correctly, let us pray!!! I also added about to 2 1/2 inches in length to pattern as well....
The jacket was not meeting my center front

Okay, yeah so I should have traced the pattern on tissue!
The FBA almost complete!

              Now, that I have the FBA done.. I prewashed and pressed my fabric for the real garment, but I don't want to rush.. I really want to take my time and learn and study my pattern and pattern instructions and see what will be....That's all I have for now Divas, as always be blessed and nothin' less!!!

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  1. Your FBA looks good so far. I never trace my patterns I just slice a tape. A princess seam garment is the perfect style to get a better fits through the bust. Just make sure the bust point on the pattern lines up. Can't wait to see the finished garment.

  2. Thank you so much! It feels good to know that I may be on the right track! I pray everything is going well for you Diva be blessed!

  3. It looks like you are doing well!

  4. everything is going to work out great, especially because you did a muslin, you will be fine

  5. Vanessa thanks for the encouragement! @Toy thank you Diva!

  6. Wow, you are pressing right on up there with your techniques. Of course I haven't and will never need to do a FBA, so those who do them seem awfully professional to me. Great work girl!

  7. Hey there Faye, thanks so much for all your kind words and encouragement! That means so much coming from the very people I admire in the sewing world! Thanks again :)

  8. You are a real trooper, I have yet to do an FBA. Looking forward to your jacket.

  9. Thanks Sheila! I just said this year I am throwing caution to the wind....And I am going to do my best to improve my skills and not hinder myself.....