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Friday, March 4, 2011

Me-Made-March 11'

  Don't be confused about the title:"Me-Made-March 11" I am NOT participating, but I am so inspired by those that are participating.. I think this challenge is  one of the coolest things for seamstress... It kinda of forces you to sew more, and wear the garments that you have made... I would love, in the near future to be able to participate in the next challenge. Seeing that I have made more garments ,or that I get a little faster with my sewing.. 

  Zoe from 'So Zo ' is hosting this challenge and I am seriously in awe of all the talented seamstress, from beginners to advance..... That brings me to my latest realization that I am not sewing  items that can go with other garments in my closet to have a complete outfit.... I need to really consider the pattern type and how it will fit in  my closet and daily activity before randomly purchasing patterns.. I know right, easier said then done sometimes....But I will give it a shot!

   Well, seeing that I am not participating this time in the Me-Made-Challenge I still will like to challenge myself in some way and hopefully get a few pieces sewn for Spring..However, lately sewing for me has been just one disaster after another...For instance, since I am waiting on fabric for Vogue 1027 I thought that I would give Vogue 1120 a try for a cute spring dress!
I loved this pattern since I first saw it last year, but was too chicken to try it!

 Well, I made a muslin in a not so muslin fabric in my over zealousness, I guess! It turned out to be a huge mistake.  I really rushed it trying to get it done before my birthday, another mistake....So, I tried for the second time and everything was looking good, until I realized that I had cut out one of the pieces wrong, during one of my late night sewing excursions(TOTAL WASTE) but still believed that I had the chops to fix what needed to be fix WRONG!!!! By the time I chopped the fabric to get things to hopefully fit, I was only left with a bib. Not a dress, or even a tunic, but a bib! How frustrating....But, I am not one to give up so I will be back at it soon and hopefully with a new dress! Be blessed Divas and nothin' less!

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  1. Well, I know your persistence will pay off with a wearable garment! I think I am a slow sewer too, btw. I've been sewing bit by bit each day and I still haven't finished my skirt yet!!

  2. My "I'm not giving up" attitude sometimes pays off in my sewing room too. I really like the dress that's coming up next.

  3. Vanessa and Faye thanks for the encouragement... I need all the encouragement one could get right now!

  4. it happens. Anticipation always course us to rush things, but rushing is NOT good, I've been there and now I pace myself. I would love to see you in V1027 so I can't wait to see it, hope you get your fabric soon

  5. Yeah, I had to come to the same realization a few months ago. So like you've I've been trying to sew more wardrobe staples. Good luck on meeting your sewing challenge. And don't forget, that even failed projects teach valuable lessons!