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Monday, April 25, 2011

Must I say it......I Candice am a "Pattern Junkie"!

 The title post sums it all! I am pattern junkie! I think I like collecting new patterns more than I like to sew them...I think it started when I was a little girl, way back when lol... When, my older sister used to make me paper doll clothes...No, store bought paper doll clothes here, no ma'am.... In fact, my sister, who is an awesome artist, who can draw like nobodies business,used to make me the most exquisite paper doll clothes. I would sit for hours on end dreaming of wearing those clothing hopefully being able to make them oneday ..So, I guess you could say I always wanted to sew in some kinda of way...

  I tried on several different occasions to learn. In high school, twice, utter fail! I blaim the school system! Seriously the teacher, didn't teach...Ummm, so that was a waste of time....Then, I re-took the class hoping for a better outcome, um no! The second go round was worst then the first... Then, I came up with the clever idea in 2008 to teach myself and let's just say I have come a long way from there... Well, I said all that to get to the point that "I am pattern junkie" and probably will always be lol...

Well, naturally I purchased several patterns during the BMV (Butterick, McCall, Vogue) 1.99 sale and all patterns shall I say were purchased due to some of my favorite Bloggers(Divas) making the pattern and totally rockin' it! So here goes my list:

Well, I just liked the concept!

This is a new pattern from Vogue and it FAB!

I love the gathering at the waist!



I fell in love with GodsgirlT version! Loved IT!!!

Well That's all for now Divas I guess I better get sewing! As always be blessed and nothin' less!
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  1. Can you take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

  2. Thanks Faye I will take plenty of comfort! That's the thing with sewing/blogging we can enable one another! Be blessed Faye!

  3. Too many pattern sales are what enable me!! Every time I see one, I think to myself "Well, only one wouldn't hurt..." I probably have enough patterns to keep me busy for the whole summer, but I still love adding to my collection!

  4. I know Vanessa it's just a vicious cycle...But I love it LOL!

  5. great choices, I really love those new vogues dresses.

  6. I've got WAY too many patterns! But that's ok! I look forward to the day when they can all be organized and I can browse and get inspired.
    LOVE that Vogue dress!

  7. Thanks Toy! You version of the Butterick 5455 was awesome! @McVal thanks for stopping by and I glad I'm not the only one who shares a love for patterns..

  8. I have about 900 patterns (not all for me - I sew for my DD, too), and I love to collect. I think I've sewn from about half of them right now - got some pics up of the stash on my blog.

    I also got that Kay Unger dress - love the design on that one.

  9. Thanks Sandi for stopping by and I will have to come back and check your blog out!

  10. My name is Shawnta and I'm a pattern-holic. I went to Hobby Lobby to days in a row this week to take advantage of the 1.99 limit 10 sale :/ I have two cute small boxes that stay by the sewing machine, they are I want to do something soon with these. Then I have the big regular ole box that lives under the sewing machine that is the I like these and like to look at them often. Then there are the poor guys in a big box in the closet that are way out of season or what was I thinking crew.
    I also got all the patterns you got except the last 2. Can't wait to see what we make together out of them.

  11. Shawnta, hey Diva! Girl, it's like a sickness I tell you LOL!!!! I checked out your blog I will following your blog, loved your garments! And yes can't wait to see what we come up with!