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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterick 5562 Again!

 This post will actually be quite short...Seeing, that this is my second go with this pattern and there are only three pattern pieces for this pattern...Yes, only three! My kinda of pattern, I tell you..... I made this top last weekend to wear to the movies with my hubby for our date night.... There's not a whole lot to tell about this pattern.. I did go down in sizing this time around to avoid the "Theo shirt" that occurred in my last shirt...I really wanted to get a good fit  so that I could wear the shirt..The previous shirt that I made, sorry to say has not made it out of this house :( so I really wanted to do this shirt over so that I could wear the top...

 I am in desperate need of some cute, wearable tops that can take me from the park with the boys or lunch with the hubby..And B5562 really fits the bill..... I decided to go with the medium this go around and I was able to achieve a better fitting top... So I am happy with that..I also stay stitched and used my twin needle to stitch the neckline and loved the overall look....

On Bella!
Sorry for the stiff pose! Trying to get used to my new tripod and

A cute and flirty top!

 I love, love these types of tops...I am seeing them everywhere and you all we be seeing a few more of these...That's all for now Divas! Be blessed and nothin' less! 
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  1. I love the different sleeves. Very cute!

  2. Thanks Shawnta! Can't wait to see your finished dress you've been working on! I may have to start that one next...

  3. I love polka dots and the hair is super cut but I want those earrings!

  4. Thanks Lady! You know we have to keep them guessing with the hair lol! My husband always says he loves it because he never knows who he's coming home to lol...And you can so have these earrings Diva!Thanks for stopping by

  5. Very cute, great job and great pose.

  6. Very nice! I too love the polka dots!

  7. Thank you Candice! Are you back in Japan or still in Florida?

  8. @Faye, I'm back in Japan now! I came back last month!

  9. I love those sleeves! Gotta try out that pattern.

  10. Thanks McVal! It's a great pattern, I think you will love it too!