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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First UFO!

UFO! Wow, I didn't even know what that acronym stood for when I first started sewing..For you fearless beginner Divas, such as I was and am very much still am....The acronym UFO stands for an "Unfinished Object"... I often wondered how one could have a UFO lying around the house without prompting some serious guilt or at least some guilt from the sewing fairies lol....Humph, that was until I found myself in the same category as many countless other seamstress, but humph there was and is no guilt to be found!    So you say, just where is that UFO of yours? Good question you ask! Glad you asked.. Well, here is my first UFO!

(In my sewing bin) But in some kinda twisted way I feel like I am now apart of some kind of unspoken sorority, crazy I know lol!

  I started working on S2451 before I left Japan to go visit my family in Florida for a month( btw this was in March)... And when I returned home in April, I found myself not really motivated to finish the skirt, not that it seems too complicated, but I am not as enthusiastic as I  was prior about the project before I left.. I have completed two other projects upon returning home that I need to review, so my mojo is still in full effect( knock on wood) lol! I just think that I was put off due to my less than stellar invisible zip application..Everything went in perfectly, as in this was my first go at an invisible zipper...


 looks pretty invisible to me, but wait for it!


I had gotten a little to comfortable in my nonexistent invisible zip skills,
but rest assured I will get this  zip in perfectly!That is when I can move this out
of my sewing bin!

  I am however, going to get this skirt completed because this pattern does offer a few nuggets that I need to learn and one day master.. For instance, I need to learn and perfect my invisible zipper application as well as my hand sewing skills, which are very weak right now....Oh, and while we are on hand sewing does anyone know a great tutorial on putting on hook and eyes, I know how remedial, but I need the guidance..So, if any of you Divas know or would be willing to do a tutorial on this I would be forever grateful :)

Well, Divas that's all I have for now, getting ready to get to work on this UFO so it can become an FO! Also, thank you Divas for all your beautiful comments on my latest  dress it really means a lot to me.. I was also featured on Vogue's Facebook page oh yeah!..To me it's the little things that make me smile! You ladies are wonderful!  Continue to be fearless and know you were fearfully and wonderfully made! Now go ahead work that runway Divas! Be blessed and nothin' less!
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  1. Welcome to the club. I have 5 on the ironing board

  2. i am new to the sewing blog world...hadn't yet heard of a UFO...but i surely have a few. mine have been in a bin for a few YEARS, though. lol you are giving me the courage to take on my projects and complete them!

    be well!

    ps...congrats on the vogue facebook picture!! awesome!

  3. Erica Bunker, being interviewed on the Blue Gardenia, recommends this site for sewing an invisible zip. It might be worth a try.

  4. Your invisible zipper insertion looks great, except for the extra fabric. That is how my skirt looked before I realized the pattern called for a lapped zipper. Check the instructions. The left side of the zipper should lap over the right slightly. It's an easy fix.

    To fix this, I unzipped the zipper, measured out 5/8 inch from the raw edge on the right side of the left zipper, folded and pinned it so that the wrong side of the zipper tape touched the wrong side of the skirt, basted the wrong side of the zipper tape, then topstitched on the right side by following the basting stiches. I then ironed what I did.

    I hope that answers your question. You can refer to the directions for any problems. Essentially, the only thing I added to make my zipper lap over was the folded 5/8 seam allowance. The rest of the instructions above were per the pattern.

    I love the skirt fabric!

  5. Thanks ladies!2c.marie let's get rid of these UFO's lol!@ Karin thank you for the link I will have to check it out! @ Vanessa thank you!

  6. I don't have any UFOs yet........I have waddlers that turn into lining material and facings for other projects lol
    If I sat them aside until I learned how to fix them then I guess I would have some UFOs.