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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vogue 1120!!!! Finally Pictures

 Happy Mother's day to all you awesome mommy's!!!! I  finally have pictures of my Vogue 1120 after talking about it for ages......Well, my photographer a.k.a (my hubby) has been out to sea, but who is home now! Just as I purchased a tripod, with a new camera, may I add! Happy Mother's day to me :)

 I ended up making two muslin's of this dress*mess-ups* if you will...The dress construction is fairly simple, if you take your time and not rush as I did with the first two muslin's....I also learned after doing the second muslin that I should do all the little things first and get that out of the way....So, I didn't go in order of the Vogue instructions...I sewed the sash first, I did the sleeve lining and the sleeves next( this was my first time lining a sleeve and it was simple and I loved the effect) I next fused the neck and back facing and the edge stitching needed for the facing....

  I too like the other reviewers who reviewed this pattern left off the closures. I found I could slip this dress off without any problems,and just for future reference. I had to get a special sized graduation cap, when I graduated high school, many, many years ago...True story lol! So it's really no need for the extra step IMHO..... I love this fabric it's a poly blend I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics a  year ago when I couldn't even sew anything remotely recognizable

 And, next it was time to construct the rest of the dress which is simple from there...I also learned and sewed french seams for the first time....So, I had a lot of first with the dress... A lot of people complained about the pleats being time consuming and for me they weren't bothersome, no, I take that back..The first two times they were, but when I constructed the little things first and then later went back to sew the pleats and the remainder of the dress it went fairly quickly! I love this dress it so pretty and it wears well.... Well, with out further rambling here she is!

 Inside of sleeve, the sleeve lining! 

The little things  I constructed first:Sleeve, Sleeve lining, sash and front and back

Close-up of front pleats!

Dress on Bella!
*Now drumroll please*
Have to get use to my new camera and the settings!
Excuse my sewing room/workout room/ media center LOL!!

Happy Mother's Day Divas!
Be blessed and nothin' less!


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  1. Thank you Faye for your constant support! It is so appreciated!

  2. Fantastic dress - love the print and the style is super cute.

  3. Such a pretty dress. Somehow I've never noticed this pattern before, but it's gotten good reviews on PatternReview. You do beautiful work; I'm quite impressed. Also, since it's so easy to put off the finishing details, I will "borrow" your idea of taking care of the little things first (if that's okay with you). Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Vicki, thank you for stopping by! This a wonderful pattern, I hope you get the chance to sew this one up! And no problem,"borrow away" lol that's what this sewing community is all about! And thank you again for the wonderful comments!

  5. Wow. You look fantastic. I'm going to have to get that pattern. Keep up the good work.

  6. That is such a great dress, and well worth the wait!! Happy Mother's Day!! I hope the hubby is taking you out!

  7. You look fantastic! It is a great silhouette for you and a good fit too. The print is lovely.

  8. What a WONDERFUL job you did on this dress! Those two muslins paid off. You own it. Love the colors in that fabric! You look fabulous!

  9. Thank you ladies for all the wonderful comments!

  10. Gorgeous dress - you look stunning in it. I have got this pattern and now, seeing yours, I can't believe I haven't made it yet - I must get around to it soon!

  11. that dress is awesome! absolutely gorgeous!!

  12. Just wanted to let you know that we like your version of V1120 so much we posted a link to your blog from our Vogue Patterns facebook page. Great job!

  13. Very beautiful dress, love your print. Hope you had a wonderful mama's day

  14. I love, love, love this dress! Your fabric is fantastic and you look "Ultra Hot" in this number! Nice job!!!!

  15. Great dress! Saw it featured on Facebook. You look terrific.

  16. Thanks again everyone! I feel so blessed to have you all to take the time out to come and comment it really means a lot!

  17. Awesome dress. I love your use of prints.

  18. Lovely dress and its looks great on you.

  19. I was doing a search because I want to make this pattern and found yours. I really love it in a print much more than on the envelope!

    1. Thank you Sew Country Chick! It really is a great pattern!