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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy Summer Chic! Simplicity 2451

  Divas, this summer is really proving to be a busy summer so far... I haven't posted much this month, but I have in fact been sewing. I have just been spending all of my free time with my family before the hubby leaves again for work, sigh.... But on a lighter note. I have finished S2451 and have been finished for about a week or two now... This is actually my second garment for the Summer Essential Sew-Along....

Mommy chic!

 Well, let's start with the review of this skirt shall we... I made view C in a size 18 waist and 16 hip and it was spot on for me.. Although, I wished I would have made it just an inch longer just as a little insurance.. I loved the darts in the back, a great shaping detail, I also loved the pockets( and they are functional).. I swapped an invisible zipper for the lapped zipper...And I even finished the zipper, facing by machine, no hand sewing here...Okay, maybe for the hem...

Invisible zipper!

No handsewing the facing to zipper tape! Done
by machine!
 As you know my first run for this skirt I was so hyped, and I do mean hyped! About my first invisible zip that went in gorgeously for a first try...However, when I looked at the top of my skirt when I added the yoke,  I knew that it was done incorrectly, sigh....But all is not lost, well, except for that skirt.  It's  history lol! However, I found the most glorious tutorial using basically the same kinda of skirt pattern, techniques etc.....

 **** Update***** I gave the skirt a test run, you guessed it at McDonald's! I realized that I really could have used a heavier interfacing for the facing..I found myself having to adjust the yoke everytime I stood up. The yoke piece kept bunching down... It's still wearable that's just a minor issue!


The boys and I waiting paitently for our

Mommy's big man enjoying lunch!

Mommy's little man enjoying his
lunch! So do excuse the face lol..

I love, love this pattern, and I am thinking maybe two more will suffice for the summer.. This is a skirt that can be worn to lunch with the hubby, or the park with the boys, either or I am a happy Diva! Divas, that's all for now..Next up I hope to have pictures out with the hubby celebrating our 5th anniversary which is actually next week, but we have to celebrate earlier this year..Be blessed and nothin' less and as always continue to be fearlessly fabulous!
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  1. You look so pretty in your picture! The bright pink colour really suits you. I love pink and orange together for summer, it's positive and cheery without being to girly-girl. Your boys are cute!

  2. Love the fabric choice! I made this skirt recently, too, and it doeswell with sufficient interfacing.

  3. Pretty skirt. Love the overall outfit. Nice job on the zipper too!

  4. Today I tried doing a double layer of interfacing and it worked out great. I love the fabric! Its so bright and screams summer!

  5. You have handsome boys. Love that skirt - it's so Lilly Pulitzer.

  6. Thanks Divas!@ Shawnta, I wish I would have done that, but thanks for the tip..

  7. Cute skirt and like the fun colors...

  8. I love your skirt! You did a great job with all of the construction. Keep up the great work!

  9. Super chic to say the least! Very nicely done and two very handsome sons!