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Friday, June 17, 2011

Oh Brother!!!

        Divas, I have been meaning to review my new  Brother CS6000i sewing machine since last month sometime... I just wanted to really use it and take for  a couple of spins before I gave my honest opinion about this sewing machine... So far, I have used my new sewing machine for the last three projects that I have made, and I am in sewing machine heaven..

 I was initially looking at another machine and of course the price was higher and had all the bells and whistles, but I am a beginner so I didn't feel that it was necessary just yet... Although, for the price 156.00 (I paid during Mother's day weekend a gift from the hubby) I feel that this a great machine for beginner to advance....
  This a Free-arm computerized sewing machine; with 60 stitch functions, 7 styles of 1-step buttonholes, and variety of snap-on presser feet :
   -Buttonhole foot
   -Overcasting foot
   -Zipper foot
   -Blind-Stitch foot
   -Button fitting foot
   - Monogramming foot
   - Seam Ripper
   - Eyelet Punch
   - Needle Set
   - Twin Needle
   - Cleaning Brush
   - Wide table( which I don't use)
   -  Bobbin
   -  Screwdriver
   -  Extra Spool Pin

Yeah, about that Hard Case..It's just a plastic
cover but not a deal breaker at all! Just
wanted to shed some light lol!


Also Features:

The built-in, automatic needle threading system saves time and effort by taking care of threading the needle for you (Although I haven't used this feature I find it cool)

Machine Operation Buttons and Controls:

The start/stop button allows for freedom from needing the included foot pedal to start and stop the sewing function of your machine.

The reverse button allows you to bring the fabric backwards when you are first starting or stopping a line of stitches to lock them in place. (I really love this feature)

The reinforce function eliminates the sloppy appearance of locking the ends of a decorative stitch with that of a straight stitch. After you lock your straight stitch in place and select the reinforce function the CS6000i will sew backwards in the same pattern as your decorative stitch so there is no unwanted mismatch at the end of the stitch lines.

The built-in variable speed control allows you to sew at three different speeds depending on your project and your level of experience. You can quickly change your speed by simply moving the control knob between settings ( My favorite feature on this sewing machine, as my first Brother machine didn't offer this feature as it was just the basics of the basics).

LS-2125 My first machine ever!

The CS6000i effectively illuminates stitch operation with dual LED lights positioned directly above your work ( Ummm it's not that bright but it's doable)

Overall, I think this is a wonderful machine and I truly am happy I have it! In other sewing news, I  finished my dress for the Summer dress Challenge and I will post pictures tomorrow! I also purchased my first independent sewing pattern..

I purchased the Beignet skirt pattern because it's just so darn adorable, and I also wanted to show my support because her invisible zipper tutorial helped me tremendously and I wanted to show my appreciation... Well that's all I have for now Divas, be blessed and nothin' less!

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  1. Congrats on your new machine! Her tutorial was a major help to me too. Looking forward to more lovely creations.

  2. Thanks Sheila! Her invisible tutorial is the best hands down too me!

  3. Looks like you got yourself quite a deal there with all those features. I personally would like what I'd call a state of the art machine with EVERYTHING imaginable on it. But in reality I am convinced that I don't need to pay hundreds or even thousands to get a great machine that is more than functional for me. I've sewn on a $79.00 Singer for the last 4 1/2 years and I love it. I bought it just to see how long it would last. The only feature that it doesn't have that I would like is a keyhole buttonhole - not that I would use it often. I do want a machine that has a really long basting stitch, but I really don't think I'll find one that does that.

  4. Thanks Faye! I hope to one day bump myself with the state of the art machine with the WORKS LOL...But like yourself, I too feel just give me a basic machine and let me sew...My new machine does okay with the basting stitch but my other brother machine LS-2125 the basting stitches were longer go figure lol!

  5. CONGRATS on your new baby! I find when I get a new baby, I always long for something the last one had> Now I compare and see what I can and cannot do/sew without...FIESTA ANYHOW :)

  6. Hi. I'm happy I found this site. I have the same sewing machine and absolutely wonderful after years of using sewing machines older then myself(45)!
    I imagine this is an odd question, but, what should the settings be for a baste stitch? The old machines told you, and they seem larger then what I am getting now.

    Thank you for this site! I love the things you've made!

  7. I am sorry I have been away from the blog, but to try and answer your question. The baste stitch that I use for the brother CS6000i. I use a 4.5 stitch length anything above that say 5.0 I find my stitches comes out... I hopes this helps!