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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simplicity 3503

Whew!!!! This has been one crazy week for me...My hubby ship pulled back in so you know the boys and I were all too excited to see daddy! On top of that I was sewing two garments, which I will not be doing again anytime soon... I was working on S2451 (which is finished) and S3503(also finished)...I must say that I love both garments and they will serve me well in my summer wardrobe and this is also my first garment in Ali's Summer Essential Sew-Along .... So that's a win in my book! S3503:
I love this dress!

  I will review S2451 later this week when I have pictures..I need to get a cute top to wear with the skirt and then pictures will come...But for now I'll just chat with you Divas about  S3503... Okay, I've had this pattern in my stash since 09' but knew it was beyond my skill level at the time, and since my husband and our anniversary is coming up I thought this would be the ideal time to try this pattern...

Feeling a little jazzy!

One more picture for the road!

 I would have been done with this dress sooner, but I ran into a couple of problems, mainly with the midriff..I made a muslin of  the dress and realized that I didn't like where the bodice was hitting on me, so I made the next dress in a pretty teal fabric *read* non muslin fabric(which is now sold out ugh) for the second round assuming I had this thing in the bag..Wrong,and just plain wrong! Let  me back up a bit because adding length to the front and back bodice an inch worked wonders for the dress for me.. But when it came time to add the lining midriff, I realized my seams were wonky in the midriff and bodice and looked terrible...

Doesn't look too bad right!
wait for it...

BAM!!!!!(note to self)
Do not sew when tired!

  I am just not comfortable anymore making okay garments, IF I feel I can do better..I am not aiming for perfection, but I am aiming for better..... I wanted to wait for my anniversary to show my hubby my dress, but I was like a kid at a candy store, so excited...I put my make-up on and accessories to take pictures and my hubby, stopped in his tracks and said" Wow, you look so pretty"... So, at least I know he loves the dress and I feel amazing in this dress! I do plan to make at least two more, probably in a more casual fabric for the summer... Now, I need to get shakin' on my "Summer Dress Challenge"!
Well, that's all for now Divas! Continue to be fearlessly fabulous!

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  1. Awwww sorry about your pretty teal fabric. I know how it is to feel you have a project in the bag but something goes wrong. I've installed the zipper on my challenge dress four times now. I agree with hubby you do look beautiful!

  2. You did do a wonderful job. The dress is strikingly beautiful on you.

  3. That is soooo cute! Love the color of the fabric. You had me laughing about the teal dress mess up.....BAM! We sew, we learn and have lots of fun in the process! Nice work!

  4. Your dress is beautiful! Happy anniversary to you and your hubby! Enjoy each other's company...

  5. You look gorgeous in yur new maxi dress! The raspberry colour is spot on.

  6. Love it!! You look good! the color is "berry" pretty lol!! I hope you can salvage the blue one - or throw a belt/scarf on it!

  7. That dress looks beautiful on you! I hope you all have a great homecoming with your hubby!

  8. You look beautiful in this dress! The color is great on you and love your accessories. That stinks about the teal dress. I've made the other view of this pattern and had a difficult time with the midriff puckering, I was lucky though and it was patterned fabric, so it didn't show.

  9. Lovely dress and love the color. Happy Anniversary.