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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer dress challenge 2011 it's a wrap! New Look 6557

 Whew, that was a close one.... As we all know I signed up for Faye's stitch a dress challenge..Hosted by the lovely and talented Faye..  I think I may have been one of the first few people to sign up for the challenge, and yet I still managed to fall behind, sigh.... I was so thankful when  Faye extended the deadline, truly a great day when that happened lol...

  I truly believe that God allows everything to happen for a reason and in His perfect season.. I took on this challenge in hopes like everyone else to have a new dress and hopefully one that I loved.. I always strive to do my very best.  I would have never imagined, that in my wildest dreams, that this simple challenge would have rendered so many opportunities for growth.. Yes, growth Divas!

Not too shabby right! Keep reading
I promised I would give you the ugly  
too lol! (2009)
 I am going to try to make this quick and simple, but I believe in giving honor where honor is due, so please bear with me... I first reviewed this dress on PR in 2009 and it was actually my second garment that I had ever reviewed...And let me tell you Divas that dress was all kinds of wrong, I mean all wrong LOL!! You don't believe, huh, because looks can be deceiving..


The proof is in the pudding
or at least in the zipper in this case lol!

     This was supposed to be a lapped zipper *ahem* , but you wanna know what? In all it's unwearable glory I still was so proud, proud that I at least attempted this garment and the lapped zipper.. I mean this garment was by no means wearable, but I do believe a starting ground for growth. I really wanted to show this picture to encourage any new seamstress that it's not all glamorous and pretty pictures in the beginning all the time , but in due time your season will come...

Now let's talk about 2011 shall we! Did I say this dress is all kinds of fierce! Without it saying too much, if that's such a thing. I want to  thank Toya for posting about this fabric, when she reviewed her awesome Butterick dress. This is a beautiful fabric, a cotton sateen purchased from Denver Fabrics, which I do believe they still have this fabric.. This is your typical A-line sundress with various bodices, which are lined..

Inside of lining!
I initially started out sewing the dress as planned, but didn't really feel too motivated with the dress, and so I put it off, sigh, that's how I  fell behind schedule with the challenge... I was reading through my blog list.  I saw that Sheila had finished her second dress and it was lined, and then it hit me! I needed to set a real challenge for myself, so I set out to line the entire dress, which was surprisingly simple.. So thanks Sheila for the needed push!( You never know where your inspiration may come)

Lining stitch to zipper tape by machine!
I swapped an invisible zipper for the lapped zipper, and added a full lining which is nothing more
than sewing two dresses really..Really, just that simple! I had blew this lining business way out of proportion, or at least on this garment it was "easy peasy lemon squeezy"! Other than that I used a 12 for the bodice, which I could have used a 14 and used an 18 for the waist on down! So here is my "Ideal Summer Dress" It's Chic, it's sexy without being too much, it's just speaks Candice!

I added the red hoop earrings for a splash of color

Posing by the ocean by our towers!
 Well that's a wrap Divas! I learned a lot during this challenge and to match I also have a beautiful dress to show for! Thanks Faye for hosting this challenge! As always Divas, be blessed and nothin' less and continue to be fearlessly fierce
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  1. You ended up with a pretty dress in the end. I find lapped zippers a little "hit and miss" too. Some times I do a handpicked zip because it is the only way I can be in control of the process!

  2. Beautiful - definitely an ideal summer dress! Great job!

  3. You did a great job and the dress looks great on you. Thanks for the shout out.

  4. Enticingly stunning dress on you! Very nicely done!

  5. This dress is fabulous!!! Thanks for showing the good and the bad of sewing. Right now you are on a roll of good garments!

  6. Funny I've made 2 versions of NL 6557 and wore one to church today. I love, love, double love the fabric you picked for your 2009 version. I hate that it didn't work for you at first but you gave it another go and the results were beautiful:) I like your words of encouragement. We can't give up but keep working to achieve good sewing results!

  7. Karin, thank you and I need to practice my lapped zipper but I am getting so darn good at those invisible zips lol! I need to also take a look at the hanpicked zipper, but my handsewing right now is horrible, I mean horrible lol!

  8. Eugenia, thank you I love all your garments and the recent "red dress" is awesome! @ Sheila, thank you again! @ HeathersSphere, thank you and thanks for stopping by! @ Vanessa, thank you and I thought it was so important to show the ugly truth too.....

  9. @Victoria I love NL 6557 it's such a great pattern! I would love to see your versions of 6557 as I know they are beautiful!

  10. Well all your work paid off it is a lovely summer dress! :)

  11. You have been busy eh? What a cute, cute dress! Love how you showed your growth right here on your blog! Nice work Candice!!! That ocean view is to live for! It looks so divine!

  12. Way to go, Candice. Beautiful dress.

  13. Well that is the one thing with a busy can hide a multitude of sins lol. Your new version is gorgeous!

  14. Love the dress Candice. Looks really nice on you. Cute sandals that you paired with it too!