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I am a wife and mommy to three, but in all of that- I am a seamstress who loves sewing and connecting with other people who love the art of sewing!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011


 I have seem to have lost my mojo, my sewing mojo that is!!! If someone finds it ,will you please return  to owner lol... Be blessed Divas and nothin' less!
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  1. The summertime seems to be a season where it's harder to sew for some reason. Don't worry, you'll get inspired to get back at it sometime.

  2. It will be back before long and you'll be making some more of your pretty clothes. Can't wait:)

  3. To get my mojo back I sew an easy project.

  4. Girl, I hope it reappears soon. It's time to start thinking about fall wardrobes. Vogue and McCall have some super cute patterns for fall. That should jump start the mojo.

  5. Sheila, I think I wil take your advice @ Cennetta, I took a look at the fall patterns and I must say, "My mojo is creeping back" lol! Thanks Divas!