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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Non- sewing related! 20 week challenge!

 No, this is not a sewing challenge of some sort, but a fitness challenge more or less! Here's the deal, I have 20 weeks until I turn the big 3-0 that's right 30 years young! Well, you may be saying, what is this challenge..

Well, it's no secret that I have put on some pounds in this past year. I would love to blame the devastating earthquake that rocked Japan this year, or this or that, but the truth of the matter is:There's NO excuse....So, starting tomorrow Monday morning I will be starting my 20 week challenge.. I am not trying to get skinny, only better! God willing, when I see the big 3-0 I want to be in the BEST shape of my life!

20 weeks of "Turbo Fire" Bring it!
I plan to follow a semi-moderate low carb lifestyle, and get down to "Turbo Fire" from beach body with Chalene Johnson, which is a 20 week program! I am excited to prove to myself that I can do this!

I am so worth it, and so are you! I mean, I am very comfortable in my own skin, because heavens knows I loves me some Candice lol! However, I know there is always room for improvement! Every four weeks I plan to post a body shot of a before and after photo up until the 20th week sometime in February...As I don't believe every week you would be able to see a change...

Well, alright Divas I am off to prepare for my new journey, just wanted to share a little tidbit in my world outside of sewing, wish me the best! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vogue 8751!!

    Whew, it seems like ever since my oldest son started school, things have been busy ever since... I am sorry for taking so long with these pants, but I've been a little under the weather, not to mention we had a typhoon here in Japan on Wednesday... I am feeling much better now, and happy to report that there was no damaged due to the typhoon..God is good!

 So, the last time we chatted we were talking about wide leg trousers and RED wide leg trousers at that!  Well, I have my first pair of pants complete V8751.... Now, are they perfect absolutely and positively not!!! Not even with one eye squinted, with a pair of "Stevie Wonder" shades on would they be perfect LOL!!! However, I am very proud of myself.. Proud, that I made the necessary adjustments to make these pants fit my body....

Making a tummy adjustment, sigh lol!

 I made a muslin, and realized that I needed more room across the tummy,  more length in the crotch area, as well as more length in the hem...  I referenced my book "The Perfect Fit" and "Pants For Real People" in altering for tummy alterations and crotch length... I added an inch across the tummy and added 1 1/2 for the crotch length and added 1 inch in the hem length, although I could have used an inch more...*Note to self* Next time try on muslin with the shoes you intend to wear with said garment!!!
I made an adjustment on the pants front piece and so I had to
make the same adjustment to yoke front piece at the same location...

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day!
   I learned a lot in doing these pants..I learned how much patience I truly have.. In my last post, I wrote that I had a few problems in sewing these pants up.. I had to replace my zipper FOUR times, yes FOUR times...I put the zipper in courtesy of the "Sandra Betzina" method, fabulous BTW!  I went to try the pants on during construction and my zipper broke, and so I fussed and whined, and put in another zipper, and it broke ... By this time I was furious! But, I sucked it up and put in my third zipper everything was perfect right, WRONG! I realized I had  installed an invisible zipper for a fly front LOL! I seriously thought about leaving it, like seriously..But I dried my tears and installed yet my fourth zipper! When I say I can sew a fly front in my sleep, I am serious lol!

I really enjoyed making these pants, and I know that next
pair will be better than the first!

Alright, Divas that's all for now trying to narrow down what shall be my next project, until then!
Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeing Red!

Star style: Emmanuelle Chriqui

I am in seriously in love with the color RED right now! It's just something about that color that  just makes you feel sexy, right, or maybe that's just me lol! I have been the seeing wide leg trousers popping up everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.. So, if everyone jumps does that mean I have to jump? Well, certainly not! However, that does mean I have to make me a pair of RED wide leg trousers lol!

Malene Birger $239.25
um, no indeed!

 So, I did like so many of you "Divas seamstress extraordinaries", and scoured the Internet for a pattern that would feed my need for a pair of RED wide leg trousers...Of course, I didn't have to search long, as Vogue, which tends to be on curve with what's trendy, already released a pattern for wide leg trousers, and it just so happens to have a pair of RED wide leg trousers on the envelope art! Have a look see:

  I made up a quick muslin last week and realized that I needed to lengthen the crotch length. I also  needed to add a little in the tummy area, as well adding length to the pants hem.. I want to be limitless in the options of heels that I can wear with these trousers.... After doing the alterations to the pattern, I started sewing the real pants, and I must say for my first pair of pants they are coming along great..I ran into one problem, which took away an entire sewing session, which I will talk about once I review the pants..I don't even want to relive that monstrosity lol!

Hopefully, I can get done with the trousers by this weekend! I just need to sew on the hook and eyes and slip stitch the yoke facing down, but I am wondering if I could  just stitch in the ditch hmmm....Anything to get out a little hand sewing lol.. Oh yeah, and I need to hem the pants, but these are only small task...Alright, lovelies enjoy your day! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting back to basics! Butterick 5249 and Beignet 1005

Add caption
 I am glad things are slowing down a bit here, whew! Now I can get back to regular blogging and so forth.. I am so glad because I am in desperate need of fall basics, hence the title "Getting back to basics"!  I am reviewing two patterns in one day, well really one because I've already reviewed B5249! I just really needed a great basic black skirt and since the Beignet skirt didn't work well for my plan. I decided to give B5249 a second whirl! It's a great pattern and glad to have added it to my fall wardrobe!

Getting ready fall paired this B5249 with a scarf and black suede shoe booties upper left and on
the upper right leopard round toe pumps and a button down top!
 Now,  let's chat about the beignet skirt pattern from Colette patterns! It is a lovely pattern, it truly is.. I would recommend a beginner getting the pattern if not for the instructions alone. It really is like a sewing lesson, as the instructions are extremely well written... Having said that, I don't think I am totally in love with my version right now! Nothing to do with the pattern itself, which is AWESOME! I not in love with the length of my skirt.. Well, you say Candice didn't you do a muslin for this garment? Well, yes I did... However, I was so excited on making my first buttonholes, I forged right to the real garment, and had forgotten to make the adjustments to the pattern...So, no fault at all to the pattern, strictly user error lol!!!
Inside full lining( and my first buttonholes) ALL 12 of them lol!!

 I don't feel too bad because I learned a ton of new techniques on construction.  As I stated before the pattern instructions are awesome! I still wanted to review the pattern, even if I may not wear this skirt.... So here it goes!

Pattern Description:

Beignet 1005! paired with B5562 and red flats(polka dots are everywhere this season)
High waisted straight skirt provides a very flattering shape with paneled styling: not too loose or too tight around the hips, with a very fitted waist. Buttons up the front, has side seam pockets, and includes a self tie belt, which can be swapped out for your own narrow belts. Skirt has a faced waist, button placket and full lining.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? I loved the instructions for the pattern which in turned produced a professional finish! Dislikes, I wish I had added to the length!
Fabric Used:Cotton twill from
Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: I left off the belt loops although if I should make this skirt again I definitely will add them!

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I would sew it again, just not this season! I will definitely recommend to others!

Conclusion: A great skirt pattern, I did my first button holes, learned to do a catch stitched hem and other cool techniques....I probably will try this skirt again, just not right now, too many other things on my list! But if you give it a go just check the length! Alright,  Divas be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A new member to the team!

   Whew, life has been crazy busy here in my household! I did not plan such an extended absence away from all my sewing Divas! As you all know, my husband is in the Navy, and the ship came back recently after  being gone for the entire summer.. We also celebrated a birthday in the family, our son turned the big five*tear* and to add  also started kindergarten this past Tuesday! So, it has been to say the least..

My kindergartner *tear* of course mommy was trailing
right behind lol!

I know the last time we chatted I was working on the muslin for the beignet skirt. Well, I have had it finished since the end of August. I also managed to finish another skirt, a muslin for a pair of pants and manage to cut out the ones for the real garment...I am so in need of basics for the fall, so that's my focus right now basics... I know, know where are the pictures you say! I will hopefully post them this weekend. Now that things are getting back to normal here, regular posting can resume!

 Well, I know you say the title of this blog post is: " A new member to the team" What is that about?Well, umm, it involved another purchase, lol! I posted about some of the garments I wanted to make this  fall, one of them being a coat...Sheila, had mentioned in one  the comments that she purchased a heavy duty machine to sew her coat this year, as she didn't want to mess up her machine using too of a thick material ( I am paraphrasing here)..

  I love, love, my sewing machine and didn't know if my machine would handle the thick fabric, interfacing's and such, and I also wanted to get into sewing jeans..So, I was like, yeah Sheila is right and hit submit on my new Singer Heavy 4423! It was on sale, as I didn't want to spend more for this sewing machine than for my everyday sewing machine seeing that it wouldn't be used everyday machine. I finally got to take it for a spin today, after having it for about two weeks now! See it's been busy here

Well, so far so good, but I'll let you if that changes, hopefully not! It's feels so good to be back from an unplanned absence from the blog... Alright, Divas that's all for now but I promise to have more later! As always be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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