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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seeing Red!

Star style: Emmanuelle Chriqui

I am in seriously in love with the color RED right now! It's just something about that color that  just makes you feel sexy, right, or maybe that's just me lol! I have been the seeing wide leg trousers popping up everywhere, and I do mean everywhere.. So, if everyone jumps does that mean I have to jump? Well, certainly not! However, that does mean I have to make me a pair of RED wide leg trousers lol!

Malene Birger $239.25
um, no indeed!

 So, I did like so many of you "Divas seamstress extraordinaries", and scoured the Internet for a pattern that would feed my need for a pair of RED wide leg trousers...Of course, I didn't have to search long, as Vogue, which tends to be on curve with what's trendy, already released a pattern for wide leg trousers, and it just so happens to have a pair of RED wide leg trousers on the envelope art! Have a look see:

  I made up a quick muslin last week and realized that I needed to lengthen the crotch length. I also  needed to add a little in the tummy area, as well adding length to the pants hem.. I want to be limitless in the options of heels that I can wear with these trousers.... After doing the alterations to the pattern, I started sewing the real pants, and I must say for my first pair of pants they are coming along great..I ran into one problem, which took away an entire sewing session, which I will talk about once I review the pants..I don't even want to relive that monstrosity lol!

Hopefully, I can get done with the trousers by this weekend! I just need to sew on the hook and eyes and slip stitch the yoke facing down, but I am wondering if I could  just stitch in the ditch hmmm....Anything to get out a little hand sewing lol.. Oh yeah, and I need to hem the pants, but these are only small task...Alright, lovelies enjoy your day! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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  1. I didn't have pants in my lineup of sewing projects, but after this post I want pants... like yesterday. Can't wait to see yours.

  2. I stitched in the ditch the first time with my crescent skirt and I think its neat. I just would not do it with some thick denim again cause that was quite a few layers and I broke a needle right as I was about to finish.
    Your pants will be lovely I'm sure.

  3. OOOOh, these look fabulous!! I know your pants will be beautiful! BTW, I am one of those oddballs that likes to hand sew (I know). I find it relaxing = ).

  4. I am feeling red too right now. But the AKA in me wants to fight the desire with everything she has. I have gotten to the point where I have told myself that I won't pare red with white or cream. Now maybe I can let red in....

  5. I'm so glad that you are making up these pants. This pattern is sitting in my stash and I cannot wait to try it. I hope I'll be able to learn from any tips you may have. Looking forward to seeing your finished pants!

  6. Love that pattern - I'm looking forward to seeing your finished pants. Red will be fabulous!

  7. Sheila, that's funny I was reading one of your reviews on PR the other.I believe it was S2700 and remember saying, Sheila is working those pants...I say go for it, because I know you will look fierce!

  8. @Shawnta, thanks for the confirmation on my stitching in the ditch..I am going go for it, if all else fails, what are seams rippers for lol!@ Vanessa, when I wrote about getting out of hand sewing..I said I know Vanessa, will probably laugh, I remember you saying in a post how you find it relaxing....I hoping to get there lol!

  9. @Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth, I know right it's just something about the color red! Let it in, Let it in lol! @ Karin, thanks! I was pretty shocked no one on PR had reviewed them as of yet..Eugenia, thank you so much!

  10. Your wide leg pants in any color and that red bag will be so classy.

  11. What a great color for pants! And kudos on tackling your first pair! I would stitch in the ditch, too. Funny that a "Very Easy Vogue" would have you slipstitch it.

  12. Thanks Faye! @ Clio, thank you I am tackling that today!