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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The sewing mojo is slowly coming back!

       Well, the sewing mojo is finally creeping back slowly but surely.. I have completed M6164, well everything but the hem that is. I also have knocked out B4789 minus the hem, which was a joy to work on! I think it may have even helped in bringing back my sewing mojo.. So, now I have my Thanksgiving dress completed woo hoo! I am so thankful, because just this time last year I wanted to wear my new dress that I had sewn V1027 (which I need to redo BTW) However, I had butchered the hem beyond recognition :(

 I am trying to play catch up and get back into my sewing and blogging groove, because I really do love the sewing community... I have two garments on my dress form (Bella) at the moment B4789 and M6164 lol..

I need to hem the sleeves of the dress B4789 and hem
the neck line for M6164 what joy lol! Oh, and this is before
I sewed the front of the dress to the back hence the pins holding
the dress to the dress form :)

  In other news, my hubby's Naval command Christmas party is coming up, and so that means a new dress is in order. I just have to sew one! Especially, since the hubby had his suit made in Korea when the ship was there this year... I was originally planning to make V8574  ,but realized that I did not have the right length zipper in the color that I needed, nor did I have time to order one*sigh*....So, then I had to think fast to what patterns I had in stash that would accommodate the fabric that had already been purchased a few months ago... That was not an easy task I tell ya!

                                          Okay, so I narrowed down the patterns to:

I really love this dress, but
the hubby didn't see the vision! I
should have probably showed him the fierceness!
I was thinking about view c with the three quarter sleeves!

       I love this dress it's flirty without being over the top
       and I saw another blogger post about this dress and
her version is absolutely positively gorgeous!

And I think we have a winner!!!!! I think I am going to
try view  E ( the white dress) or F (the pink dress) they are the same dress, however F is just
shorter in length..

 I have the pattern cut out and the fabric and  lining are in the wash on delicate as I type!I would post a pic of the fabric, but I want to keep some kind of the suspense right :) I have a little over two weeks to get this dress completed Divas! I'll keep you Divas updated and hopefully I will have beautiful dress to show you! Alright, Divas talk with you later on in the week. I should have photos of the M6164 and B4789 completed! As always be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!~Candice~

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  1. Oooh, I like your top pick! I am sure you will get it done in time. Can't wait to see a pic of you all dolled up with your husband!

  2. This is gonna be sooo pretty! I'm glad you are getting your mojo back!

  3. Glad you are getting your mojo back. I look forward to seeing your creations ;D

  4. I also like your top pic and looking forward to the fabric you selected.

  5. Good the mojo is back. Can't wait to see your new garments.

  6. I am glad your mojo is back. Your Blog is great. Can you pleae twll me what pattern number the McCalls pattern is?

    Thank you,

  7. Thanks ladies! @ Debra thanks for the compliment and the McCalls pattern is 6320!