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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Essentials 2011!

 I am really digging in there this year! Wow, I would have never thought I would be committing myself to various challenges and so forth.. I mean just this time last year, I was living vicariously through all my lovely Divas who's blogs and garments I admire most... And this year I am taking the plunge feet first and finding myself immersed in this community of sewing Divas....

  I already had planned a little "Summer Essentials" wardrobe plan of my own and now that I have stumbled across Ali's lovely blog from The wardrobe reimagined. This is the second annual "Summer Essential" sew along..  I plan to totally commit myself..  Did I say how excited I am? I am super excited for this...  And I am also signed up, as you know for the " Stitch up a dress" (2011 Summer dress challenge)  hosted by the lovely and talented Faye over at Faye's Sewing Adventures....

 *As far as my summer essentials in what I think I can accomplish:
      3 knit tops
      2 skirts
      1 pair of shorts/1 jumpsuit
      DRESSES the skies the limit right!(Everyone loves dresses right)
Love, Love this pattern!
Just about done with this skirt had to wait
for my invisible zip!

Such a summer dress!

Looks easy and breezy!
Would love to try my hand at a pair of shorts!
Kid friendly I could wear to the park and lunch with my
Summer is just not complete without a great
maxi dress!

 These are a few patterns that I think are great "Summer Essentials" I need to get a concrete plan in the next week or so, but for the most part I believe I am ready.... I also have a dress in mind for Faye's Summer dress challenge..I  just have to narrow down the fabric choice...Hopefully, I will finish up my skirt S2451 and my maxi dressS3503(pictured up top), which I was working on before I signed up for these awesome challenges. I hope next post  to have something to show you ladies...As always Divas be blessed and nothin' less!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What I've been up to!

             It's been a week since my last post and I have been working I tell you... Working, on  muslins, muslins and more muslins.. I know in the last post we were chatting about my triumph over the invisible zipper... I had been slowly but surely working diligently on S2451;  however, little did I know that you should attach the yoke before you sew the invisible zipper....Umm...Divas, what happened? You didn't even tell me LOL.. But that's lesson I needed to learn, and learn I did....

This is invisible zipper that I was so hyped about! HA!
and as you can the yoke piece was not attached :(
lesson learned I tell you!

  So, after got over the initial shock and utter disappointment.. I searched high and low on how to not only install the invisible zipper, but how to clean finish the edge as well without requiring any handstitching. And lo and behold, I stumbled upon the most glorious tutorial ever.... I mean the same skirt technique and all, with the yoke and the yoke facing.... I Couldn't have asked for more..So, I guess I have to thank you wonderful Divas for holding out on me! I forgive you  :) but on a serious note I am so glad to have found this tutorial! If you get a chance check this out and let me know what you think....

This is how the skirt should look prior to inserting the invisible zipper!
*DUH* I should have realized that!
 I had to restart my skirt which was fine! As I wasn't in love with the previous fabric and thought I could do a better job on the skirt(we always say that to soften the blow huh :) So, I have pretty much constructed the most  of the skirt and it is looking quite lovely if I say so myself...I am really taking my time now with my garments..I really want to be proud to wear and say that I made my garments... But enough of that! I am working really hard, I am just waiting on my white invisible zipper to finish up the skirt...

  I also, just finished a muslin of S3503 a very popular maxi dress on PatternReview...And I can rightly see why the design is wonderful and produces a trendy dress.... My fabric is in the washer now so that I can start on the real dress tomorrow sometime... I also signed up for Faye's summer dress challenge so if you haven't signed up there's still time....I am so excited for this is my first ever challenge....

  If you haven't counted that is three projects that's in the works..I hope I didnt bite off more than I can chew, but oh well I am going for it! Wish me the best Divas! Be blessed and nothin' less!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Butterick 5562 Again!

 This post will actually be quite short...Seeing, that this is my second go with this pattern and there are only three pattern pieces for this pattern...Yes, only three! My kinda of pattern, I tell you..... I made this top last weekend to wear to the movies with my hubby for our date night.... There's not a whole lot to tell about this pattern.. I did go down in sizing this time around to avoid the "Theo shirt" that occurred in my last shirt...I really wanted to get a good fit  so that I could wear the shirt..The previous shirt that I made, sorry to say has not made it out of this house :( so I really wanted to do this shirt over so that I could wear the top...

 I am in desperate need of some cute, wearable tops that can take me from the park with the boys or lunch with the hubby..And B5562 really fits the bill..... I decided to go with the medium this go around and I was able to achieve a better fitting top... So I am happy with that..I also stay stitched and used my twin needle to stitch the neckline and loved the overall look....

On Bella!
Sorry for the stiff pose! Trying to get used to my new tripod and

A cute and flirty top!

 I love, love these types of tops...I am seeing them everywhere and you all we be seeing a few more of these...That's all for now Divas! Be blessed and nothin' less! 
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Friday, May 13, 2011


  I tinkered around with a few tutorials on the dreaded invisible zip....Dreaded, at least in my books; but you know what it was actually a snap....That is after I cut a second back for my skirt and got a shiny new invisible zip...Seeing that I mangled the first invisible zip... You see what had happened is; I was following two tutorials for my invisible zip..I found that both had elements that I could understand, that I found to be doable and made plenty of sense... At least to me that is!

  Well, the first tutorial I looked and searched was found on Youtube, yes Youtube...They have some amazing tutorials and so forth on that site...Invisible Zip tutorial and I also followed  Collette Patterns invisible zip tutorial both of these tutorials were very clear and concise and I would recommend them to anyone in need of a tutorial or a refresher...

 Well, I was able to get my zip in..It's not perfect but it's because I didn't flatten out the zipper properly before inserting, so IMO I would advise doing so to avoid any problems..It's not bad; however, I know it could be a little bit better..But in time I say, I will only get better from here... I should finish up this skirt this weekend...
I should have flattened out the zipper a little more before

   Alright Divas, that's all I have for now! I will be posting a top I made a wore last weekend and I also will be posting about my new baby(sewing machine) Enjoy your weekend Divas be blessed and nothin' less!
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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My First UFO!

UFO! Wow, I didn't even know what that acronym stood for when I first started sewing..For you fearless beginner Divas, such as I was and am very much still am....The acronym UFO stands for an "Unfinished Object"... I often wondered how one could have a UFO lying around the house without prompting some serious guilt or at least some guilt from the sewing fairies lol....Humph, that was until I found myself in the same category as many countless other seamstress, but humph there was and is no guilt to be found!    So you say, just where is that UFO of yours? Good question you ask! Glad you asked.. Well, here is my first UFO!

(In my sewing bin) But in some kinda twisted way I feel like I am now apart of some kind of unspoken sorority, crazy I know lol!

  I started working on S2451 before I left Japan to go visit my family in Florida for a month( btw this was in March)... And when I returned home in April, I found myself not really motivated to finish the skirt, not that it seems too complicated, but I am not as enthusiastic as I  was prior about the project before I left.. I have completed two other projects upon returning home that I need to review, so my mojo is still in full effect( knock on wood) lol! I just think that I was put off due to my less than stellar invisible zip application..Everything went in perfectly, as in this was my first go at an invisible zipper...


 looks pretty invisible to me, but wait for it!


I had gotten a little to comfortable in my nonexistent invisible zip skills,
but rest assured I will get this  zip in perfectly!That is when I can move this out
of my sewing bin!

  I am however, going to get this skirt completed because this pattern does offer a few nuggets that I need to learn and one day master.. For instance, I need to learn and perfect my invisible zipper application as well as my hand sewing skills, which are very weak right now....Oh, and while we are on hand sewing does anyone know a great tutorial on putting on hook and eyes, I know how remedial, but I need the guidance..So, if any of you Divas know or would be willing to do a tutorial on this I would be forever grateful :)

Well, Divas that's all I have for now, getting ready to get to work on this UFO so it can become an FO! Also, thank you Divas for all your beautiful comments on my latest  dress it really means a lot to me.. I was also featured on Vogue's Facebook page oh yeah!..To me it's the little things that make me smile! You ladies are wonderful!  Continue to be fearless and know you were fearfully and wonderfully made! Now go ahead work that runway Divas! Be blessed and nothin' less!
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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vogue 1120!!!! Finally Pictures

 Happy Mother's day to all you awesome mommy's!!!! I  finally have pictures of my Vogue 1120 after talking about it for ages......Well, my photographer a.k.a (my hubby) has been out to sea, but who is home now! Just as I purchased a tripod, with a new camera, may I add! Happy Mother's day to me :)

 I ended up making two muslin's of this dress*mess-ups* if you will...The dress construction is fairly simple, if you take your time and not rush as I did with the first two muslin's....I also learned after doing the second muslin that I should do all the little things first and get that out of the way....So, I didn't go in order of the Vogue instructions...I sewed the sash first, I did the sleeve lining and the sleeves next( this was my first time lining a sleeve and it was simple and I loved the effect) I next fused the neck and back facing and the edge stitching needed for the facing....

  I too like the other reviewers who reviewed this pattern left off the closures. I found I could slip this dress off without any problems,and just for future reference. I had to get a special sized graduation cap, when I graduated high school, many, many years ago...True story lol! So it's really no need for the extra step IMHO..... I love this fabric it's a poly blend I got from Fabric Mart Fabrics a  year ago when I couldn't even sew anything remotely recognizable

 And, next it was time to construct the rest of the dress which is simple from there...I also learned and sewed french seams for the first time....So, I had a lot of first with the dress... A lot of people complained about the pleats being time consuming and for me they weren't bothersome, no, I take that back..The first two times they were, but when I constructed the little things first and then later went back to sew the pleats and the remainder of the dress it went fairly quickly! I love this dress it so pretty and it wears well.... Well, with out further rambling here she is!

 Inside of sleeve, the sleeve lining! 

The little things  I constructed first:Sleeve, Sleeve lining, sash and front and back

Close-up of front pleats!

Dress on Bella!
*Now drumroll please*
Have to get use to my new camera and the settings!
Excuse my sewing room/workout room/ media center LOL!!

Happy Mother's Day Divas!
Be blessed and nothin' less!


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