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Friday, January 6, 2012

Date night with the hubby and B5672

  So, the hubby and I had a date on Friday night, which was yesterday here in Japan.. I was so excited to have finished my B5672 , so that I could wear it for dinner and a little dancing with the hubby... The fabric, I purchased from and it's a sweater knit fabric, so it's really cozy in this cold weather we've been having here in Japan lately....

Close up of  the pleats and the fabric..

I didn't make the lining for the dress, I just folded the neckline and sleeves with "steam a seam." Oh, yes I did! And you know what I am now a convert to the "steam a seam" movement lol! This dress is extremely easy I don't remember having any problems with the dress. I didn't have to make my normal lengthing to dress as the dress length was fine as is.. I am 5'8 for reference...I loved the darts in the back that shape to the back, as well as the drape of the pleats for the front of the dress.. 

Let me tell you this dress kept me warm the entire
night, but not in a bad way! It was 30 degrees last night..
  The hubby and I got a special chance to go to Yokohama last night and go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner..We truly had a great time enjoying each others company with good food and drinks or one drink maybe, because they were 20.00 a piece sheeesh!
20.00 drink here only one for me please! Can't cut into
my fabric budget lol!

On the train heading to Yokohama...Oh, the face mask you ask from
the lady to my right, the Japanese all wear them if they have a cold!

The hubby and I @ Yokohama bay!.

 Alright lovelies! I hope you are enjoying your weekend and getting some great sewing done.. I am going to get back in my sewing room and make some majic happen, or let's hope! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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  1. It's lovely and it looks great on you. I love the fabric.

  2. The dress looks great on you and glad you and hubby had a nice time. Here in NY I noticed that some asians tend to wear face masks too and was curious as to why. I love using steam a seam too.

  3. Steam a seam is my guilty secret too! Your date night looks like lots of fun, but $20/drink! Oh my.

  4. Your dress looks wonderful, steam a seam or not!! Your date with the hubby also looks like it went wonderfully! There's nothing like a date night when you are married!

  5. Such an enticingly stunning dress on you, Candice! You and hubby (very cute couple) certainly had a fab time.

  6. Very nice dress! Especially for a date night! Love the fabric choice too! I love seeing your photos from Japan. At times I wish I were too -seems like such an interesting place to be!

  7. The dress looks perfect on you!

  8. Thanks ladies we had a great time!

  9. So gorgeous on the fabric

  10. Fabulous dress! Love the fabric and the style is very flattering!

  11. Looking good! The dress is fabulous.