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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012 and other tidbits!

    Happy 2012 to everyone! It's a new year so whatever may or may not have been in 2011 just brush it off of your shoulders.. Let us just embrace this new year with full of new possibilities.... A new year always brings excitement, right?  My new years resolution you ask?  Here's the thing, I am not saying!  I am going to do! So, that's the new years resolution, "No talk, just action"... I will let you know know at the end of 2012 how that plan goes...

 On to other news; I will be joining Tasia from sewaholic patterns in her Minoru jacket pattern sew along. All of my materials for this jacket have arrived, so I am pretty excited now!

The red fabric is cotton twill and the print fabric is poly charmeuse!

 I also have my first F.O. for the year B5672, hopefully if the weather cooperates I shall have pictures up sometime this week...Also, BMV are having an awesome sale on patterns until Monday, but before  I leave you lovelies let me leave you  with a sneak peek from B5672....

I have since removed the red pin lol!

Alright, Divas here's to a beautiful, prosperous, sew filled, healthy and happy New Year's!
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  1. I'm lusting after this jacket myself! What colour have you chosen?

  2. Happy New Year Candice! The dress is so beautiful. What fabric are you using?

  3. Happy New Year! That jacket is nice, it's gonna look great when you finish it. Oh, and that's a good resolution to have!

  4. Candice, I laughed when I saw your fabric choices for the Minoru, because mine are almost the exact same :) I've been wanting to go with a red, but decided recently to do a plum. Then, the lining fabric is a black and white zebra print. I can't wait to see both of our finished jackets :)

  5. Karin, come on and join the sew along fun with us :) And I chose a red cotton twill for the jacket and that black and white print for the lining...

  6. Happy New Year Faye and Vanessa! Sophia, I can't wait to see our finished jackets also...That plum color sounds awesome...

  7. My current project is the B5672. I love Maggie London - and I can't wait to wear my dress (once, I finish it - LOL!).

  8. Thanks for stopping by Audrey, and finish that dress girl, so you can rock it lol!