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Monday, January 9, 2012

"Peplums" Do you think "chic" or "Golden Girls"?

BurdaStyle 2012 trend report

 I was browsing more like salivating on Burda today, and on the front page was their 2012 Spring trends..  Among the likes were pastels, prints and peplums. Which, btw, I am absolutely intrigued with at the moment.. I have to admit, that it wasn't until recently that I even knew the correct term for such a jacket... All along, I had been thinking now "hey that is one chic jacket"....

However, I couldn't help but notice while watching my favorite sitcom of all times! You guessed it!  "Golden Girls" It is just something about that show that just makes me happy, too bad the hubby doesn't  share the same sentiment lol...The hubby states that watching the Golden Girls puts him in a deep sleep/coma lol, men I tell ya!  Okay, but back to everything that is lovely with my Golden Girls... I happen to notice that Rose, played by Betty White was rockin' a lovely peplum jacket and said," hey  there goes one of those chic jacket "thingy" again." And my search was off to find out the correct term for such a jacket...

Rose "Betty White" in the blue is wearing a peplum jacket..

Alexander McQueen retail price $4,009

And lo and behold Burdastyle just so happened to be featuring peplum jackets or shirts, skirts, etc.. as the 2012 Spring trend. Which made my search even easier *winning*! Now, as much as I love my girls, the " Golden Girls that is.. I don't necessarily wish to look like one, style wise..So, I scoured the Internet my favorites and came up with few updated looks for the styles that I could rock..Without wanting to burst into the Golden Girls theme song lol!

Back off jacket! Mind blowing

I said all this to ask: What do you think? Chic or Golden Girls? Alright, Divas have to get back in this sewing room, working on something special, which you can probably just about guess with the nature of this post :) Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. Definitely in the 'Chic' category for me. They drape certainly is friendly over the lower half, and there are some great design features around the place. With the right pattern, and the right fabric...poor old "Betty White" just made a comeback...

  2. @ Hojnackes I totally agree! @Doobee "Chic" I second that, and "poor old Betty White just made a comeback." That statement is a classic love it!

  3. Chic! I wear them in or out of style. It works for my body type.

  4. @Mama Violet, I am hoping this style works for me because I love it so!

  5. Chic! It's all in how you wear it/style it. I am sure if you sewed one, the fabric that you pick and the updated pattern will look very current, not at all Grandma-ish!

  6. Golden Girls. But they are good for hiding a pooch

  7. The "new" peplums don't give off a Golden Girls vibe at all. Current jackets have a more up-to-date fit not that 80's boxy look. I personally like the way you style your clothes & don't worry, you won't look like a granny/Rose (she's my fave GG though).

  8. I think they are chic! Almost every style resurges at sometime or another, and it's all in how you modernize it. So I say, go for it!

  9. The January edition of Vogue (the fashion mag not the sewing one) has a spread on peplums. They're great if done in a modern way. So feminine and classy.

  10. I love peplums! Thanks for telling me the name.

  11. I'd made a blouse with a peplum and after putting it on... was toally aghast at the way it looked and shied away from anything with a peplum. Fast forward a few years ago I purchased a suit with a peplum, of course, I wavered back & forth on the purchase. After trying it on I was totally sold and that suit is still in rotation. What I realized when I made the blouse, the peplum piece was too short for my body, wherein the jacket peplum was a lil longer and worked well. I say Chic to peplums and agree its also how you wear it.

  12. Thanks ladies for your input...@Sophia thanks for tip on the Vogue edition on peplums...

  13. I love the Golden Girls and peplum styles too!