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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Getting back to the basics! M5391

So, I have been m.i.a for a few weeks eh? I have been sewing. I just have had wadder after wadder, and it was becoming a wee bit irritating, to say in the least...I just didn't want to bore my dear readers with the irritation of my sewing mishaps. However, I'm back! And back with a F.O to show for it, oh yeah!
Thanks to the lovely Erica B. for linking where she purchased her Jessica Simpson wedges...I had
to cop a pair for myself!

During my little three week hiatus, I got to thinking about the garments that I sew. It's nothing like a little time to reflect, right? Well, I got to thinking, while I love my pretty dresses. I just don't get to where those as often.
This is my chill mode, right here!  

During the week I am in normally in chill mode, and really do not have/ or feel like wearing a dress, unless it's a maxi dress! Which is next on my list of garments to make(my mission maxi dress pattern finally came, oh yeah!) Oh, I almost forgot that I was reviewing M5391 LOL! it has totally been one of those days, but back to the review.. This is labeled as easy from McCall's, I will have to agree to disagree lol! Simply because there are ,or should I say for me; to many adjustments needed to get the shorts somewhat wearable...

 For starters, there was way to much ease in this pattern. I would definitely suggest making a muslin, yes, the forbidden word to some lol! I had to go down 2" on the hips and I should have went down a size on the waist, so that a belt wouldn't be needed.  Also, the waistband was much shorter than the waist, had to cut out another waistband and add to it, ugh! And let's not mention that low back,(remember crack is whack, no really it is lol) I really could have used a full seat adjustment. It's not bad by any means; however, it could be better!

Oh yeah changed shoes had to take off my Jessica Simpson wedges and
put on my Gentle soul wedges Kenneth Cole! Had too much running around
to do with my boys....

I also added, per reading PFRP:  added stay to the slanted pockets, I didn't add twill tape to the waistline; however, lazy I did stay- stitch the waistline instead ( the same thing eh?).. I also swapped out the hook and eyes in favor of using a button.  Now,  I am not saying that this can not be a go to pattern for shorts, because several people have had great success with these shorts. I will just say, make a muslin or two! These btw are my wearable muslin, I will wear them, but I know the next pair will fit even better.

Well, ladies that's all for now! I'm not sure if I will start on my maxi or make another pair of shorts, but I do know that we have a long weekend coming up, and plan to take full advantage! As always be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks lady! Yes, I'm suprised these came out after being in wadderville for so long lol..

  2. Great minds think a like because I am working on those shorts as I type(taking a break lol). I love your red version. I can agree with the fit and ease issues. My hip measurements have me at a 20 but I'm making a 16 with a smidge extra in the thigh area. I still really like the pattern as the same adjustments are necessary for me no matter what bottom pattern I pick :p

    1. Yes, girl, great minds do think a like! I went to your blog and love your welt pockets..

  3. These are nice, dressy shorts. I love the bright red colour too. I always have to make adjustments when sewing pants. I just don't have an out of the envelop figure, lol!

    1. Nice to see you post. Your outfit looks great as usual! I made my first mission maxi over the weekend. Love it! Cut out a second one last night. I want five (lol)!

    2. Thanks Karin and Faye! @Faye, ok you just gave me the push to start on my maxi today..

  4. Replies
    1. Erica, thank lady for the tip on these shoes they are hawt!

  5. You look so cute and rock them Jessica Simpson wedges.

    1. Thanks Sassy T girl those shoes are so cute!

  6. Great shorts, Candice (that red adds some sass to the them :))! It's pretty ridiculous you had to go down that much in the hips AND the back was so low. Who are these patterns made for?