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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kate Spade inspired peplum top V8815

 Took photos and headed out the door! Where I hear you
ask? To the grocery store, yep I sure did! LOL... Rocked my leopard print
in the grocery store lol!

Kate Spade peplum top 268.00

 I have been managing to get quite a few garments done since they've packed up our house. I don't know, crazy right? LOL.  Well, I as I mentioned in my last post, I have seriously been hit by the Pintrest bug. I am seeming to find more inspiration than I often times know what to do with. Well, I just so happened to pin this  animal print peplum top from Kate Spade, which is retailing for 268.00, yes, 268.00 dollars!
My peplum top 20.00 including notions :)

No pulling across the bust and this fabric a cotton sateen even has less stretch
than the first V8815 made in stretch twill

 This is my second go at this pattern. My first version, which I love btw; however, it had some pulling across the bust in the first version. I may even redo it ,who am I kidding? I know that will lol..I have the fabric and all!

Did I do an FBA you say? Well no, I didn't, as a matter a fact. I just graded out to the next size below the bust for the extra room...And yay, look, no pulling across the bust! Now, I'm sure I've broken some kinda of sacred sewing law. Yeah, I could have done an FBA, but hey I'm a "Tim Gunn"  "Make it work" kinda 
of gal!

That invisible zipper is looking mighty fine if I say so myself,
and I do say so LOL.... Thanks to my new invisible zipper foot
*Look how great the seams add up*
Just white bias tape....Used what I had on hand..
Another pic for the road just in case you forgot what it looks like BAHAHAHA!
I know it's pic heavy, just flow with me :)

This version came together in about one day, minus I dragged my feet for two on hemming! What can I say, I detest hemming, like, really! This fabric was a dream to work it's a cotton sateen, although, it didn't have as much stretch as thought.

 Which is why I'm glad that I  graded below the armhole and down. I needed the extra room..However, great fabric to work with none the less.Well, that's all I have for now ladies. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!
Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

M6559 Well, sort of!

Thanks Mimi for the link for the necklace loves it!

  By golly wow! I think I have really caught the Pintrest bug. I've had an account for a moment ,but never really and truly used it as intended, or even enjoyed it for that matter. That is, until now! I am totally hooked, hooked I tell ya! LOL... I even got my mama hooked lol! Okay, back to the schedule post: "M6559 Well, sort of."

Pinned from Pintrest

I cut out the underlining fabric first so that I could cut
my fashion fabric on a single layer to ensure the stripes
lined up properly... 

 I was browsing around the Internet this morning and happened to stumble across this wonderful striped tank from Madison and LA for 62.00 dollars. Umm.. absolutely not! I remembered that I had a yard of fabric left over from my Mission Maxi dress and got to work! I forgot to mention that when I made the Mission Maxi dress that I underlined the entire dress. I knew going in that I would have to do the same thing for this tank top, seeing that I used the exact same fabric. Making M6559 into a racer back tank was easy as pie! I just basically measured the pattern at where I wanted the hem to fall and that was that. I used pattern piece D and E (racer back) attached binding to the arm and neckline, having to sacrifice an old RTW dress. The movers packed up our things last week and I don't have my stash. We are basically living out our suitcases right now! However, I did have the privilege of having my machines express shipped to Texas woo hoo! So you know what that means right? A few more weeks to get some sewing done before head stateside!
Really love this tank! It's so comfy....
Did I say  I love this tank  :)
Well ladies that's my time! I have some other things to show you hopefully later on this week so stay tuned for that...As always, Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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