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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Still working on M6611

 I'm coming along fairly well on my jacket, which BTW is M6611. I now have the main body of the jacket completed and only have to sew up the lining, which for this particular pattern is self- lined unless you used the option for the contrasting view... This pattern is a breeze to sew up, especially if you have a little experience up your sleeve. I did notice a discrepancy within the instructions. I don't know, maybe it was just me that had the confusion( which is highly not unlikely lol).. When I got to the peplum section step# 11 it states to stitch pieces 6, to piece 7 at either side, and to do the same on step 12 with the lining pieces..Okay, all is good in the hood there, lol!

However, step #14 left me scratching my head, between steps 11-12 does not tell you just how you are supposed to even get these two pieces, the peplum lining and the peplum together...I know for a absolute newbie, this could pose a real problem, so this is the purpose for this blog post. Just wanted to help!

So I can hear the suspense just building up waiting to hear my explanation on this, yeah right lol! At step#11 and 12 I put right sides together and then stitched the sides and the bottom, leaving the top open. I then pressed the seams and trimmed the seams, now the the two are sewn together(the peplum, and peplum lining), turn inside out and press and continue with step#14 and all is good! Alright Lovelies, that is it!  All is good, so  hopefully I will be back with a wearable garment! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. Just goes to show you that you CAN work it out if you know steps to construction. That would have confused the heck out of me.

  2. Thanks Faye,I sure was confused at first!

  3. You have determination and style,and that is key to figuring out confusing patterns. You go girl!

  4. Oh, thank you Candice! I have tbis parren on my "to do" pile...the clarification will help!



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