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I am a wife and mommy to three, but in all of that- I am a seamstress who loves sewing and connecting with other people who love the art of sewing!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What I'm working on!

 Trying to get in my zone and crank this dress out, while the sun is shining and the feeling of Spring is in the air..Whew, hopefully it's here to stay! I've decided on this fabric, which is a poly-charmeuse purchased last year from Fabric Mart. It really is a gorgeous piece of fabric and goes right along with the floral trend this season..

I have cut the pattern and the fabric out already now I just the motivation HA!

 As I posted in my last post. I need to finish up S2512, but now I am not feeling the skirt, it looks a bit twee to me. I dunno, we'll see! I'm still going to wear it , because I don't want to waste fabric. I do think I would have preferred a more sophisticated print(check me out sounding all 30ish) LOL... And on top of the fabric not being my favorite print right now, I lost my invisible zipper foot. Yeah, I know right! So, I had to put that bad boy in with my regular zipper foot, and guess what? It went in without a hitch, almost dare to say a little easier...So take that you little fairies that magically take my sewing notions lol...  Oh, yeah and to add to my adult ADD I just received my order from the recent BMV sale :)
Pattern love right here lol!

Well, let me get back to this machine ladies! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! 
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Saturday updates..

 It's been three weeks already? My how times flies! I guess time waits for no one, right? Well, I have  to say that I have been sewing and ordering fabrics, and patterns and more patterns(I love patterns). I've been like so many of you sewist trying to get my "Spring Board" together. I believe I've been hit by the floral bug. I dunno but I am in like love with florals this season, and it doesn't help that I've been seeing that trend everywhere lately. 

I ordered fabric for this dress of course floral. I am hoping to get that effect that I have envisioned in my mind, instead what in the heck was she thinking lol!

Now I love the pants, but I don't believe I have enough guts to pair the two together although I know there are some
Divas who could totally rock the combo together and look fierce! 
  It's the rainy season here in Japan, and to boot it is still freezing! Hopefully, soon it will warm up and the sun will shine, so that  I can get photos of some of the items I have started for my Spring sewing. I have just about completed S2512 a skirt and now probably within a day or two hope to have B5211 finished.  Just looking for a couple of quick sews sometimes you know! Well, Divas that's all for now enjoy your weekend! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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