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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring is in the air! M5845

As you can tell, I am still on my "floral high" this spring.  Although I think I may just have gotten my fix with M5845 dress. It is a floral party with this dress, and I just love it! I first saw this dress back in 2008, when the talented Erica B. debuted hers on Pattern review. I had just recently taken up sewing; therefore, and did not possess the skills, in which to tackle such a dress as M5845. Now, almost fours years later this pattern, M5845 is not difficult by any means; however, it does require a certain level of skill.

Style & Co retro melon wedges, Jessica Simpson handbag and F21 accessories
 So to add to the needed skills, let's add on the weight that I gained in 2011!  Which meant that I would need to alter the pattern significantly. I actually made a muslin at the first part of the year and the alterations needed: add 3" in length(only needed 2") made a 1 1/2" FBA, I also added 2" to the side seams, and raised the back 2"...Well, let's speed up to when I actually decided to make the "real" dress. I actually started this dress the second week in April and guess what? All the alterations that I made to the pattern were no longer needed, except for raising the back..I'm not complaining because I needed to get those excess pounds off, but then came a new challenge. I now have a dress cut out to the measurements that I needed when I was 30 pounds heavier. I have no idea why it didn't cross my mind before I cut the fabric out, that I altered the pattern to fit my size then, duh!

Invisible zipper! Getting more umm, invisible lol!

Altered pattern pieces.. Trying to those darts together lol, may no attention
to that hehe! I also forgot to mention that I lowered the neckline, but could
have lowered it a little more...Something to look for if you make this pattern.
 No need to despair, I just pulled up "my big girl underwear" and  got to work! I knew that I wanted a more shapely fit.  Hey, I lost some weight and wanted my efforts to show..."How you doin'! (in my Wendy William's voice) lol... So, that meant that I had to take the excess width, starting from the waist down to the hem. I was after that peg look. Although, I'm unsure if it worked, but it was pretty darn close to the fit that I was after. I also no longer needed an FBA, yeah the girls are shrinking, yes please! So I took  a little off the side where the bust is, and I also took a deeper seam in shoulder seams, to prevent the gaping in the bodice back. Again, not sure if these alterations were legit; however, I realize in sewing you sometimes have to have your  "Tim Gunn moment and make it work!

Catch stitched hem which has become one of my favorite
hand stitches..
I went over the construction, but almost left out the best info, the fabric, right? I purchased this fabric from Fabric Mart fabrics back in February. I loved it at first sight. It's not something I would normally pick; however, I still in the same loved it! I knew I had the perfect pattern for this fabric. Fabric Mart labeled this fabric as  faille; I'm not even sure I've even encountered such a fabric in my short span of sewing. At any rate, to me it feels more or less like a cotton twill, but hey what do I know? And this dress would not be what is without the back, so here's a parting shot of the back! Say it with me ladies! "How you doin"! LOL.. I rate this dress a success, it was fun, and I learned a lot in the process. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this dress to others, as well as to make it again should the desire arise..

I love this pattern, the front is demure and while the back is like "How you doin"!

Ladies, I hope you have a wonderful week! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our little trip to Tokyo Disney Sea!*Pic heavy*

Last week my big man, and by big, I mean my five year old :) had Spring break for a week. And seeing that my hubby's ship was in port. We decided it would be a fun little trip to take our boys to "Tokyo Disney Sea". We really had a great time, myself especially!  I still sometimes find myself in awe with the natives of this country. It's like anything fashion wise goes, but somehow it all works.. One things for sure, in Japan there is freedom to do just do you, you know.. Okay, had to get that out of the way lol.. So, the family and I drove up to Tokyo, which is about a two hour drive from where we are stationed, so not a long road trip at all.. So here are a few pictures, didn't want to post all 100 of them lol, no, I'm serious lol!

My three men!

My family...

All the characters were out and about and I think my hubby
and I were more excited than the boys lol!

 Tokyo, Disney Sea is truly a great place for little kids, my boys were able to get on all the rides at the park with the exception of about one or two. That's awesomeness in my book! The boys are still talking and chatting about when is the next trip lol!

My little man on his first ride ever awwweee! How I love this little guy,
oh yeah, and the hubby too hehe!

My big man and I! Sigh, this is mommy's little lovebug!


A ride that my hubby rode by himself, yes, I am that scary!
Look at this thing, yeah, okay(side eye) lol!


My little guy was pooped after a long day at Disney!

 Overall this was a great little trip for my family, we had a blast and look to do it again soon, hopefully before we PCS this summer... Alright lovelies just wanted to share today. I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Friday, April 20, 2012

What late night blogging reading can pressure you into

Well, I was up late the other night, I don't know just couldn't sleep, I guess. I thought to myself  well, since I'm up I might as well surf the blogs you know.. Well for some this may seem as just an innocent act, but for myself,  this can lead to purchases of several yards of fabric. What can I say I give an easily to peer pressure lol? It may do a little damage to my credit cards and often times a lot*sigh*...I will learn self-control one of these days.

This time I just couldn't help but hit the purchase button! I know you are asking well what sent you over the edge? I was reading a blogger, Lynne from wonerfullymade , and she featured a trench coat that she recently made, in the most gorgeous fabric ever, which happened to be from Jo-Anns "April Johnston project runway collection". I mean Lynne's trench coat is all kinds of chicness, not sure if that's even a word but just flow with me hehehe...

  So of course  that meant that I had to check out their  website, and when I realized that Jo-Ann's delivered to FPO addresses. I literally ran to get my wallet, no seriously, I dashed out of bed to go get my credit card.. Now if only I can run that fast on my treadmill deeper *sigh*. I didn't purchase that particular fabric, because I saw another two fabrics that caught my eye. 

I was thinking maybe V1174 or Gertie's bombshell dress IDK
Guess we shall see.. Joann's listed this fabric as Damask not even
sure if this suitable for the bombshell dress.

Joann's listed this a poly shantung I wasn't even aware of such a thing..
I thought it may be a poly charemuse it is from the simply silky collection.
If this is indeed a " poly shantung" than maybe this fabric will be  the "bombshell dress".
 I will not even mention the EBay fabric purchase that I felt I just had to have. I would link to the exact seller, but I don't have the exact name of the company within my reach to link to.Now that's a sign of a problem, no, maybe, aww shucks! yeah it is lol... Now on the sewing front, I am still not finished with my dress, but hopefully I will get there by the end of this weekend. I ran into some fitting issues that I needed to get worked out. I already have my next project picked out just need to cut it out, which by the way is another dress. I don't know lately I seem to be on a dress kick. It's really working out by sewing only what's tickling my fancy at that moment. I've noticed that I haven't had much a loss in my sewing mojo, so to speak. That leads me to ask: What's your sewing style? Do you sew the things that you want, or only what you need?

  Ladies have a wonderful, blessed, joyous weekend! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Have you ever?

  Have you ever worked so hard on a garment to get the fit just so, that when you finally do! You just let it linger on your beloved dress form to stare at it?  Maybe, no, of course you have lol... That's what I've been doing since Saturday. I'm working on a dress and  had actually altered the pattern at the beginning of the year before loosing 30 pounds. So of course, when I forgot that I made these alterations:FBA, adding width to the hips and side seams, and forged on with the dress.

The dress was at least two sizes to big everywhere! Now, I am not complaining in the least, but feel rather giddy that I even had the guts, or the skill to get the problem solved.. However, I am not yet finished ,but I am nearing the finish line, with only the skirt lining and hem to be completed..So, probably a days worth of work, hey, I am a slow sewer! Or, maybe I do a little bit more reading blogs than sewing sometimes hehehe... I just get so inspired by all the wonderful things that the sewing community brings about.

So, what is the dress I'm working on I hear you say! Well, I'm not saying bawahaaaaaa!! However, I will leave you with a sneak peek  of my invisible zipper, that was put in completely without using an invisible zipper foot..I lost mine and haven't looked back since... Alright, ladies here's to a wonderful week!

Not too shabby!


                      Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Under the Cherry blossom tree B5211!


    Happy Resurrection Sunday! It's a beautiful day here in Japan, the Cherry Blossom's have bloomed and they are gorgeous... Since you only have about a week to see the beauty of these Blossom's before they dry up. I thought it would be perfect to get a couple of pictures with my family in my new dress under these beauties..
Under the Cherry Blossom Trees!

Okay, getting to the review of this dress B5211 , which was really simple, did I mention how simple? Yep, purely an enjoyable process.. I mentioned in a prior post that I was jumping on board with the floral trend. I've had this dress complete for a little over two weeks, however, with the weather not wanting to play nice in terms of warmth, I couldn't get photos taken.. Today was a lot warmer here and with the Blossom's having had blossomed I had to take full advantage of this opportunity.

Paired with my Ivanka Trump wedges..
 Description:A,B,C have back neck opening with button and thread loop closure, extended shoulder and top stitching detail. A:front upper and lower sections. B:self -belt. C: gathered sleeve with elastic casing, length 2 above mid-knee. I made view B minus the self-belt and used my own belt..

I used a Charmeuse Poly print purchased last year from Fabric Mart fabrics. I made a size 16, in which I'm happy that I did because I'm losing the weight that I put on last year, and did not want to have to make as many alterations or hopefully none in the future.. I could have added about another 2" to do a proper hem and to do normal leisurely activities, such as sitting LOL...No, seriously, is not that bad but a tad bit longer, and  it would be close to as perfect as this lady can get.... I also left off the button in the back and used my own belt in place of the fabric tie belt...I wanted to break up the print or maybe I was  a little lazy bwahaaaaa! Overall, this was a great pattern, easy, easy, easy! I need projects like that sometimes to keep me motivated you know :) I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!

Mommy and her boys!

                    As always ladies be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I'm up to!

 Well, I don't have a garment to show today, although I have two completed..But, sigh, it's still just too cold here in Japan to even attempt it. However, I have been on my journey of loosing weight, especially those 30 plus pounds that I put on after the earthquake last year.. I am happy to report that your girl is down just about 30 pounds, since February and I feel great! I have a few more to go but am happy thus far! Just wanted to let my Divas what was or is going on in my world.

Now! I will say after once I reach GOAL!


As always ladies Be blessed and nothin' less!

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