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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Spring jacket fever V8721!

6 months preggo getting so close, yay!
     Lately I've been obsessing over a spring a jacket, not just any jacket, but a RED spring jacket! You see I have loved this pattern V8721 from day one, it's a pattern that kinda flies under the radar. However, when I saw the reviews on this jacket, I was sold! I'm not sure if red is considered "springy" but it's one of my favorite colors, so I say go with what you like, right? I decided to pair my jacket with M6559 that I made last summer, I love this top!
Inside jacket lining!
  I purchased this linen-rayon blend from as well as the bemberg-rayon for the lining. And from previous experience with my muslin, you really need something light-weight that drapes and hangs nicely. I tried to muslin this jacket using a cotton twill and it was stiff as a board, no beuno, lol! I used the largest size in the pattern, as I needed to account for the bump and it worked out perfectly. I think the only alteration I would make on the next version would be to lengthen the sleeves on the next one, yes there will be a future version. Fabric has been ordered, please and thank you lol!

  Now this pattern is rated as "easy" per Vogue, now to be clear IMO this does not always mean beginner friendly. This isn't my first jacket, but I found there were parts dealing with this jacket that could possibly discourage a beginner. For instance, I found the ease in the sleeve cap to be insane, insane I say! Also, another tip with this jacket once you connect the front to the back of the jacket be sure to stay stitch the back neckline so that it won't stretch out. The instructions mention this step in the lining section of assembly of the jacket, but not for the main body of the jacket,so just a word of caution. I also bypassed hand sewing the lining to the jacket, and just bagged the lining. I used my favorite resource for this process "Jackets for Real People dvd. Also, there are plenty of other resources online if you don't want to purchase this dvd; however, I highly recommend it!

I love the detail of the jacket in the back.
 Overall this was a fun jacket to sew and I love the outcome, so you definitely will see a repeat of this one for sure..I hope you lovelies are having a wonderful and relaxing day.I'm off to see what's next on my list! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce

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