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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Black and white trend...M6073 again!

I actually wore this for Memorial Day, added my new favorite
coral bag (tar-jay aka target) for a pop of color...

   I am totally in love with black and white, and together to me just says fierce, dharlin'! Although being 8 months pregnant, I still like to feel sassy and a little bit jazzy! So, I knew that after my last maxi dress 6073 that I had to make another. I went shopping in my stash and found this ITY jersey from Fabricmart fabrics that I scored for $3.50 a yard, so that is a winner in my book, yass honey!
Spring 2013 black and white trend!

   Again, this dress was exceptionally easy; however, I decided to go size this dress down from the previous dress. As I found the first dress to be a touch to big, especially the bodice area, which led me to having to alter the dress, ugh!  Unlike the previous version I decided to add the binding to the dress, and I really  liked that addition. I know I said that I thought that the binding was to fiddly, but the trick is you have to take your time at the "V" in the back and it will work out perfectly.
I love how the back provides much coverage, but yet you still
feel a little jazzy!
Binding with twin needle stitching...

 I made this dress in about four hours including the pre-treating the fabric, cutting, and sewing with breaks in between, hey, this pregnant lady has to eat lol! I wore the dress all day Memorial day and it was totally comfortable. I can't truly say that I'm done with this pattern yet, I may just have one more in me, we shall see! I forgot to mention that like the previous dress, I added the elastic in the shoulders; however, I omitted the elastic in the waist and all is well, even with all this stomach girth :)...
Look at all that stomach, whew!
 Well, ladies that's all I have for now! I hope you are having a wonderful week..Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. You Are Glowing! And That's A Pretty Dress Too :)

  2. You are on trend, girl, very cute, love the coral bag, nice touch, I am huge fan of target, I'm always there.
    Very smart of you to make the maxi dresses so you can wear them after you have the baby, did say what you were having, I don't think I read it anywhere.

    1. Thanks Toy! Girl, I am finally getting my little girl after two boys!

  3. You look great! And I'm impressed, still sewing and still stylish at eight months', that's an inspiration:)

  4. Great dress. Love the fabric. Looks fab on you.

  5. Congratulations!!!!!! I obviously have been out of touch. You look fantastic and the dress is fab too.

  6. Stunningly dressed at eight months pregnant.

  7. You look so beautiful and fierce! Congrats on your baby bump!

  8. Awww look at you... glowingly beautiful. Love the maxi on you and the pop of color... perfect combination.

  9. Looking fabulous Candice! Making me want to make something black and white! FABULOUS!!!

  10. You look wonderful!!!! Praying for a healthy baby and easy delivery :)

  11. Love your fabric...and it fits you well with your bundle of joy!

  12. Love your fabric.....and it fits well with your bundle of joy!