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Monday, May 20, 2013

So I gave in and made myself something for summer, M6073


  So, this dress M6073 which is now OPP(out of print) now has been cut out and ready to sew for about a month now, but I just wasn't feeling sewing myself at the moment. I'm glad that I did because now that I have done, I really like it. It's comfortable and it fits this big ol' baby bump, lol! I even picked up more thread today to cut out another dress, yay! Okay, back to the review this is a simple pullover dresses A, B, C, D are above mid-knee, mid-calf or ankle length with bodice and skirt gathered into front midriff with elasticized raised waist and stitched hems; dress B has midriff; dress D has contrast bodice and front midriff.
8 months pregnant and I am so over this pregnancy thing, lol!
  I made a size bigger than my normal size trying to account for the bump; however, I think that it  may be just a tad bit big in the bust area. Yeah, I could have fixed this, but I really don't have the energy for all of that there lol... I didn't really use the instructions; however, I did use them for the band as I found out that the extra piece is used as a facing for the inside of the dress, so that was cool.. I also loved the crossover bodice it provides great coverage. Now, I didn't like the binding option, which people mentioned in previous reviews regarding the "v" neck binding in the back, so I used a twin needle to remedy the binding on the fiddly "v" in the back..

This dress has a border print at the bottom, but the dress is so long that
can't see it, sigh!

  This dress only took about two hours minus the cutting, because the dress had been cut eons ago lol! There wasn't anything tricky about the construction, the "v" neck part in the back could prove to be a little temperamental, just take your time and it should work out well... I also want to add that I did add clear elastic to the shoulder seams per instructions, I love the gathered effect, and this also helps stop stretching of the garment. However, I didn't add the elastic to the waist.. I do plan to make this dress at least once more, so check this space( I've been wanting to say that lol) I know how silly, lol! Well that's all I have to share for now. I hope you lovelies enjoyed your weekend..Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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  1. You look FAB and deserved to make yourself something nice. TFS

  2. Lovely...sewing is medicine, sure nuff...FIESTA :)

  3. You did a really great job, love this beautiful dress on you!

  4. I think this dress was a great choice, I hope you have a quick delivery and you can always adjust the dress later.

  5. It looks great!!! Congratulations on the little princess!

    1. Thanks Shawnta! I am so glad you are back!

  6. This is wonderful. Great fabric and you look fabu.