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Monday, August 19, 2013

Review Simplicity 1776:Shift dress

   I've been itching to make a shift dress for a while now. It's something about the feminine yet flirty silhouette that truly speaks to me.  I love the shape of this dress and the fact that it's not clingy! Especially after having a baby, I really didn't want anything to clingy on my stomach and hip area; however, I didn't want a dress that was shapeless either. That's were Simplicity 1776 came into fruition; a basic shift dress pattern, with many options to truly make this pattern your own...

Simplicity 1776
 I chose to make the jewel neckline with the 3/4 quarter sleeves, and I also didn't add pockets. This pattern is designed for woven fabrics, but I used a striped ponte knit that I ordered from last year. I also ordered it in the black and red color way; however, that turned into wadder on an entirely different project, yeah I'm looking at you V8904. With using a knit fabric versus a woven fabric, I didn't have to use a zipper, neither did I have to add a lining. The ponte knit was thick enough. I made a bias binding for the neckline to finish the neckline, and  I also sewed  my sleeves in the flat, which made this dress such an easy dress.
I cut the back on the fold since I didn't add a zipper. Also a close up of the neckline
binding and the back darts...

   I already have plans for this dress this fall with a pair of cute ballet flats, or shoe booties, tights and  my black moto jacket, yasss honey! I've got plans lol.. If this dress is your type of style then I would certainly recommend it as fast and easy project.
 Ladies I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed week, and as always, Be Blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Forget writers block, let's talk about pattern/ sewing block!

 Seeing that I'm coming in on the tail end of summer, after having giving birth three weeks ago. Meant that my summer sewing has been pretty much non existent. Not that I have not been dreaming of what could have been, sigh, lol.. Now, that I no longer have to share my body with the little diva, that means I can actually make the things that my heart desires. I now have pattern block! Yes, pattern block is a real issue y'all! You know when you have waaaay too many patterns it can cause a person to form a block of some sort, right? LOL! I don't what to sew because of my overflowing stash of patterns, sigh.. I feel like I'm ready to move into fall, but then on the other hand I feel like I didn't get my summer sewing out, deep sigh!
 I guess if I could stay away from the pattern sales and just sew from my stash of patterns. I could probably diminish much of my self inflicted pattern/ sewing block. But, nah, I'm too addicted to patterns. Seriously, y'all I may need an intervention soon :).... Speaking of patterns let's talk about the new fall Vogue 2013 patterns. Can we all say, YASS! I mean seriously, I pretty much love every pattern that was released this season, and that never happens.. Well, of course I had to pick these beauties up when I went to Hancock's this past weekend. Here's the ones I picked up...
This blouse, these pants are just EVERYTHING!
This blouse is casual, yet still stylish.. I like it! 
She's killin' em right! Love this jacket!
I love the princess seams in this pattern, very pretty!
Love the shorter version with the contrasting sleeves, yass!
This coat is everything! Enough said!

I love this dress! I mean it is just beautiful!

 I want to know what are you all working on? Is it still summer plans, or have you moved on to fall already? Alright ladies, I hope you are having wonderful week thus far !Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday happenings and Vogue 8821

Feeling myself right now, ijs lol! 9months being pregnant
has that effect on a person lol...
   I told y'all I've been productive, right? One would think that with a newborn and two boys that life would be no more, right? WRONG!!! Y'all, I am still getting my life and maintaining as normal, as that's the only way to stay normal, I think.. My creative, sewing juices are through the roof, and I'm not complaining one bit. I even stopped by my local Hancock's for the new fall Vogue patterns. But, I'll talk about them a wee bit later, let's get back to this top shall we!   
Vogue 8821
   I fell hard for this top when I seen Kelly's version, and knew I had to have one myself. It took me a minute to get to it. I mean with carrying life and all for nine whole long months (insert eye roll from my husband) lol! This top was ridiculously easy on the ease factor, which was a major score for me.
I believe the pattern for view A, the view I made has three pieces, yass! I used a new to me fabric, a Rayon Challis from I will say not one of my favorite fabrics to work with, but maybe one of my favorites to wear, especially in this Texas heat!

  I didn't make any alterations to the top, but should I make this top again and I shall! Then I will lengthen the front an inch, just my personal preference, not really trying to show off my tiger stripes, but dang it I earned them lol!  For reference I'm 5'7 and have a long torso. I also sewed the back straight up the middle, and I didn't find this to be too tight.. So, if you don't own this pattern and this is your style, grab this one because it's such a stylish top.. 

 Well, I hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend and getting plenty of sewing in! I'm off to get my sewing plans together for fall.. Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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