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Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy 2014....Shirt making in the process..

     Whew, it's 2014 already, 2013 seemed to have flew by! I  haven't sewn a thing in about three weeks, Ikr, ugh!  I had family come to visit, my mama and my sissy came and we had a complete  blast...The hubby and I even went to Houston to go to the Beyoncé concert, well more or less he just sponsored the trip, because he is not into the whole Beehive movement LOL!!!! Now that the holiday seasons has passed, and I've had ample time to reflect on what I would like to accomplish in my sewing endeavors this year...
On the way to see Beyoncé, and I did happen
to wear a me made garment M6164..
  I realized that after making a pair of trousers, and my first ever welt pockets that I really enjoyed the process of stretching my sewing chops so to speak.. I love the easiest of the easiest garments like the next person, but I felt that I needed more... So of course after making pants and welt pockets, I felt ready to tackle a button down blouse.. I mean, I was already in the shirt making class on Craftsy, which makes like 100th course I've taken lol.. Is anyone hooked on these classes, lol! I had to narrow my choices for my first button up, but in the end I chose V8772...
Collar point.. I don't think it's too
shabby for a first go.. If not
just let me have my moment hehe!
 The shirt making process is going along fairly smooth, although I did need to remove those pesky back darts. Those Holiday treats have caught up to me, heck, the Halloween, Thanksgiving and everything in between treats have  caught up with me LOL... Nonetheless, those back darts had to go, I really wasn't trying to "Incredible Hulk" out my shirt, no bueno!
Inside shot of the collar band after slip-stitching, I highly
recommend slip-stitching this down first before edge-stitching.
  Well ladies this was just a quick peak at what I'm working on, I still have yet to attach the sleeves or cuffs. Hopefully, I can get to that this weekend.. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday season ladies! Happy New Year to you all, Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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  1. Happy new year Candice! I look forward to sewing along with you this year. Be well!

  2. Happyy New Year! I love the V8772 pattern you chose! That one is on my list to make in the future. And your shirt looks like it is coming together nicely. I look forward to seeing the finished project!

    1. Thanks Vanessa, Happy New Year to you as well!

  3. Happy New Year Candice! I absolutely love your fabric choice. I see a fabulous shirt on the horizon!

    1. Thanks Godsgirl T! I am sure hoping for a fabulous shirt, let us all pray lol!

  4. Beautiful pattern and a very good looking beginning. Best wishes on this project.

  5. Love the gingham print!!! Can't wait to see it all finished.