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Saturday, April 5, 2014

M6754 Review....

I realize my arm is cut off and my unmentionables may be peeking
out a smidge, but it is what it is :)..
  So, I've been neglecting my little blog lately, and it wasn't intentional. I was just going through a moment like what am I contributing to the blog world, this or that is not perfect, or this could be better etc.... Y'all I had to snap out of it and say hey, life isn't perfect and neither am I... I hope going forward that I can share both sides of my sewing world with you, the successes as well as the failures.. Y'all that's another thing I've had so many wadders in the past month or so, that this top almost became one.. I mean it was almost in the trash, yes the trash! You see I cut this top out after I had my baby girl and so I cut the largest size which was XXL.. Well, fast forward eight months later and the pattern I cut is now too big..

Y'all know how hard it can to hide ones hands and feet? (My nails aren't
done, ooh the horror LOL..)
I'd forgotten that I cut this out in a larger size ,and so when I sewed it up it was TOO BIG!  Well, this left me frustrated, because of what I thought should have been an easy sew. But a few weeks later I pulled this top out of my bin and had to nip and tuck this top all over.. I was so not happy having to do this, but very happy in the end that I did... The construction of this top was really easy and beginner friendly... I didn't use the elastic for the waist, just didn't deem it necessary.. I added an inch on all the bodice pieces, as I didn't want the top to ride above my waist... That's not hot, right?

  This is a cute little top that goes together fairly quickly and I'm really glad that I finished it! Oh, yeah, that's M6886 on my dress form, what can I say besides I love stripes lol! I hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend and getting all the sewing time you desire.... Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. Great save on the top and looks lovely on you. Loving the hairdo and fuschia.

  2. Wow!!Das Shirt sieht Klasse aus.
    Viele Grüße aus Germany Annette

  3. This is a great top. I love the stripes.

    I feel you on the blog. Sometimes I feel bad for not posting as often. But then again, I get tired from the stresses that exist in my life and sometimes I just have to rest. We post when we can.

    1. Thanks L.. I have really missed blogging and sharing and that's what it's all about, but yes the break was much needed...

  4. Oooh I am glad you were able to save this! I love stripes too and this top is H-O-T!!!

  5. That top with stripes is awesome! I'm so glad you saved it. It is very flattering on you. I remember the shape changing after each of my pregnancies. So many sizes in so little time!

  6. I love the top! I love your hair, and the whole look! I am glad you are back to blogging. I have been in wadder city as well, but you do live, learn, and grow from it.

  7. You look absolutely stunning in that top! I am so happy you hung in there and finished it! I have this pattern and have not made it yet. Gad you said it was an easy one because of the RTW fast, I've been looking for easy lately! Sweet top!!!

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Melanie, and that polka dot dress you made is simply gorgeous!

  9. This is super cute, but I have to say, OMG, your hair. LOVE IT!!!

  10. Great top! Ok, the shoes...I need those shoes! Where, oh where might I find them? Lol..