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Friday, September 5, 2014

Black Out, S1731!

Vest is S1756 I reviewed this
last year..I love when other garments
that you've made prior work together
with new garments!(I'm a cornball it's ok lol)
  I'm back y'all to review my S1371 pants again. I almost started not to review them again, due to the fact that I made them in a basic black. But black is certainly a color in which I wear a lot of; I mean it is kid proof, lol! However, I really wanted to take a little time to show the modifications that I made to this pair. My first pair, the floral pair, yeah those! Who would have thunk it that you may actually have to sit down in said pants, BAHAHAHA! Y'all, please, please when you make your muslin be sure to sit down to make sure that you can do so comfortably! Man, have I learned my lesson :)!

  Here you can see the waistband a little clearer
and I have to tell you this pants are extremely
           comfortable. They're fitted, without being over fitted,ya know?!

  You see, I knew from having made the floral pants that I was going to need more room in the waist, ugh, there goes that "apple shape".... I almost always need a little extra room in the waist area, especially pants, and skirts. What I did first was to measure the waistband pattern piece on my waist, and measured how much I needed to add for it to meet at the center front. I'm not sure if this is the legit way; however, it works for me! So, I then added this amount by slashing and spreading the amount in the waist of the pants front and back, and the waist band pieces. I made sure not slash and spread through the hip area, as I am not "hippy" and didn't need the extra room there, only in the waist area.
altered pattern, gosh I could have least
ironed the pattern to take the picture sheesh

I followed the instructions using this book
to make the alterations.

  This fabric does have a little more stretch than my first pair, in which I  used a stretch twill that I picked up from I do believe that this pattern benefits from being made in a fabric that has a wee bit of stretch; however, it probably wasn't necessary to add as much to the waist, seeing that stretch  fabric grows a little throughout the day. I was sure to add twill tape to the waistline and pocket edges, so while my fabric grew a wee bit, it was not much. I guess it's safe to say that every fabric will behave differently.  I wore them on Tuesday all day for appointments, and wore them again on yesterday, for dinner with the hubby, man I just gave up my Diva card saying that BAHAHAHAHA!

  What else? Oh yeah, I moved my zipper to the left instead of the right, because I am a lefty and had trouble zipping myself up with the zipper being on the right with the first pair. I also tapered the leg a little more on the ankle. I just basically grabbed a pair of my favorite RTW skinny pants and got my measurements from there. I also did not do the recommended 1 1/4 hem, I used a 5/8 hem as I already have a pair of black ankle pants, and plus I want to be able to wear these pants with my boots in the fall, yassss hunty! I'm not sure what's next, maybe that just means I need more fabric and patterns, right?! LOL! Welp, that's all I have y'all! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and that it is full of great shopping, and sewing!

                               ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. You look so pretty! and I love the whole outfit! I really need to get on my pants game because with this winter coming, I don't EVEN have time to waste lol

    1. Thank you so much TheTellTaleTasha! You should really give pants a go, there really simple once you get your fit down..

  2. ok that whole outfit is awesome - great job on the pants - it was hard for me to see without enlarging the picture - the black on black is dark but all is good

    1. Thanks Cynthia! Glad you were able to enlarge the pictures to see the pants..Black is such a hard color to photograph but I just love it so:)

  3. You are so rocking all black... Great slacks.

  4. I love the look with your black pants! These pants go so well with a lot of things, especially your vest!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Candice!!! You look, make-up, outfit! Love, love, love the black on black on black! Seems like I may need a pair of these in my wardrobe! LOVE!

    1. Thank you so much Terri! I know you would rock these pants should you make them..

  6. Wonderful outfit. You look maaaahvelous!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Love the look! Love that you talked and showcased the modifications that you did. That is always helpful. Great way to learn more by using a pre-made pattern as a template.

  9. Just beautiful, Candice! You know how to style

  10. In a word, PERFECT! I was on the fence about this pattern but I just might pick it up today. Like you I have to adjust the waist in my pants and skirts as well because I'm don't have hips. I love how you tapered the legs in too.

    1. Thank you so much Sabrina! I hope you do pick this one up, this pattern is a great one!

  11. You look so beautiful, Candice. I love how your pants turned out. The whole outfit is so gorgeous and looks great on you.


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