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Friday, November 14, 2014

It's cape season V8776

  I've been wanting to make this cape V8776  forever! The one Erica B and  Miss Celie pants made are both swoon worthy... I think I was so slow in making this one up, due to having to make in seam button holes, yes button holes. I'm not chicken when it comes to button holes, but I had no clue how to sew an inseam button hole lol.. Let's just say that I was afraid for nothing, they are a piece of cake, I tell ya! 

Look at those plaids in the back matched them up like a boss lol.. I used a faux reptile print for the facings
as I didn't have enough of the fashion fabric..

  Can we talk about this plaid tweed fabric for a minute, because I had never up to this point worked with plaid or tweed fabric for that matter. I had to do a whole lot of praying I'm not gonna lie plaid is a beast, a beast ya hear lol! I think it took me at least three hours of figuring the cutting out due to the plaids. I used two tutorials for those here and here. I didn't realize that this pattern was not suited for a diagonal, my bad : )... But this cape had to be made in this fabric, yes this fabric that I've been hoarding since '08 when I first started sewing..
The in seam button hole
 Now I don't know if I would agree to the pattern being a Very Easy in terms of rating this pattern, no indeed. While this is not a very complicated pattern, I do believe the arm hole sections to have been kind of fiddly and down right disrespectful lol!

There goes that awesome plaid
matching again, I mean the
back dart lol...Y'all just
let me have this moment.

 I sewed the XL when in reality I should have sewn the L. I noticed that the armholes were hanging down a little to low so I ended up taking in the side seams a little. Speaking of armholes, I thought that the bottom of the armhole could have used some type of support. Idk, it just felt a little strange at first for the top of the armhole part to be so heavily stabilized and then for the bottom of the armhole to be kind of limp.. To help remedy this though , I just double folded this part on the bottom of the armhole, which created a bit more heft. Not sure if this was the sew "politically" correct thing and all lol, but it got the job done!

The side pocket

  Even with using a plaid and the little fiddly bits, everything else came together brilliantly! I really did enjoy making this cape, and this may be one of my favorite hand-made garments yet! I don't know if it reminds so much of a coat, minus buttons, which I decided to leave off .I just loved the way it looked sans buttons..Should I change my mind, which I doubt I will I could always add them in later.  

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, sewing-filled weekend. I was hoping to getting started on my Vogue blazer; however, I'm still waiting on my interfacing :(... I guess I'll see what else catches my fancy in the mean time, perhaps cleaning my sewing room, nah lol!

                                                ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue
                                                   to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. I saw your review on Pattern Review. I have this cape in my to-make cue! Yours is beautiful! Well done. I was thinking about skipping the buttons too. I just don't want to do buttonholes- they still scare me.

    1. Thank you so much shirleyssinger! I hope you do give this cape a go, and the in the inseam buttonholes seriously make themselves.. I hope to see your version soon!

  2. Oh Candice...this is FAB-U-LOUS! Such a GREAT fabric choice and you wear it quite well. Love it!

    1. Thank you Terri! I love this cape, and hope to get a lot of wear from it...

  3. I love that cape and you did the damn thing is matching that plaid. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks Dorothy!Girl I had to pray to get those plaids together lol!

  4. Ditto all that has been said. Candice you did a beautiful job. Love it with the hint of red in your styling.

  5. I love your cape,you did a great job! I just have to tell you also, you are beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Trudy!You made a rough day feel a little better:)!

  6. Great cape. You did a great job with your plaid matching.

  7. Replies
    1. I'm trying to get on your level,cause you know you are something fierce :)!

  8. Beautiful. . Love the fabric.

  9. Very nice Candice! I am impressed with the plaids matching, as well.

  10. Gorgeous cape Candice! It is certainly 'the coat' of the season and you knocked it out of the park.

  11. Oh I love this on you! I have had this pattern for a while now but always chickened out when it came to making it. I was worried it wouldn't suit me. After seeing your gorgeous version and Erica's in the same week I think I am going to give it a go :)

  12. Thank you Sewing With a Plan! You should totally give this pattern a go. I know that you will love it and rock it!

  13. Love it! That fabric is very pretty.


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