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Friday, December 19, 2014

Vogue 8711

  Y'all this skirt almost got the best me! I was so excited to finally muster up the courage to try this pattern. You see I first purchased this pattern a few years back, after having seen the fabulous Erica B's version...  I knew I would make this skirt; however, the poor reviews from some of the reviewers put me off from making it sooner.
I was inspired by Kylie Jenners'
look, and wanted to recreate this
look done my way :)..
  Well, fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, as I was browsing on Pintrest; I spotted a draped skirt and fell in love all over again. So, I got to prepping the fabric (Ponte kit) and cutting out the pattern, cutting out a 16 and grading to an 18 at the hip. I also altered the pattern, lengthening the pattern about 3 inches.  But let's get into why this pattern almost did me in y'all! In theory, yes, this pattern does come together relatively quickly once you have the particulars in order.  However,I just found the instructions and diagrams in some areas not to be that well done. Like, I struggled for real on some parts, like throw in the towel struggle.

 I would seriously recommend that one makes a mock-up of this one, or use the basting function on their machine to make sure they have a feel for how this skirt is meant to go.I love the finished skirt, like seriously love; however, getting it done took a measure of patience. I didn't have any problems with bulk at the insets, as I thought that I would. Now I didn't think it wise to serge the front insets because of that tricky sew to the dot and pivot madness. I wasn't sure that I could get a clean finish using my serger on this part; however, I did serge the back insets and everywhere else that could be serged.
inside shots of the back insets
sorry that it's so blurry
The inside hem

 I do want to make sure that I include, hopefully a helpful picture as to how the back insets should before being stitched to the back skirt. This step, step 13 had me confused. I don't know, I just couldn't figure it out, darn near took all of my 30 minute sewing time figuring it out, geesh...

This is how the back insets should look prior to being stitched down..
You will have a slight gap on either sides of insets, but don't worry
as it will close once you add your waistband.

 I  am so glad to finally have this skirt in my wardrobe. I know that it will get worn plenty so to me that is a win, win! Oh, my shirt, I hear you say. Well, still waiting to put on those pesky buttons lol... I'm gonna get it done this weekend, y'all! But for now, I just plan to curl up with my box set dvd's  of the Golden Girls and blog surf.. I hope you all have wonderful weekend!

                                ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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  1. You did an excellent job in putting this skirt together, the pointe knit is a great choice. You look fabulous!

  2. Your skirt is wonderful Candice. I have to fess up that I had plans for the same skirt back in the summer but that pattern beat me up. Thank God I did a muslin. I ended up trashing it, but am still dreaming of a draped skirt in black. Congratulations! - cause you deserve it!

    1. Faye,at least I know that I was in great company lol.. You are an awesome seamstress,so I know that this pattern was difficult if you had troubles as well..Thanks Faye!

  3. LOVE this skirt! Worth the trouble for sure!

  4. Awesome skirt and definitely worth all the trouble!

  5. Looks great from the pics. That struggle didn't get the best of you. Project well done!

  6. Cut skirt. Glad you overcame theskirt and won.

  7. Beautiful skirt Candace! I really am happy that you were able to overcome problem with the instructions. I have this pattern and have not made it yet so thank you so much for the tips, I really appreciate it! You look great!

  8. Now I'm convinced I need this skirt. I've been hoarding it for some time now. Thanks for the thorough review.

  9. Fabulous! You pulled of your inspiration perfectly!