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Friday, April 25, 2014

My little flounce hem dress B5313!

  I am so happy to have finally gotten to sew up B5313, which is now sadly OPP( out of print) now..  There are so many lovely versions on PR regarding this dress, but I must say Sheila's version of this pattern is what caught my eye... I love the sassiness of this dress, and it doesn't hurt that we are seeing the flounce hems everywhere! I am totally digging the flounce, y'all, yass!! 

 I do want to note that this is an extremely close fitting dress(Let's just I had to do some damage to my Spanx LOL)! There was minimum ease in this pattern, so pick your size carefully. I made view B and used the sleeves from view A. I had been hoarding/stashing this beautifully cobalt blue Ponte knit for some time, but had been patiently awaiting for the perfect project.  I almost didn't have enough fabric! Well, truthfully I didn't,  as I had to join my flounces together. I have a seam down my front and back flounce, but I like to believe that  it adds character :)...   I also added length to the pattern because as designed for my height the dress would be too short. I added 1" to the bodice back and bodice front and added total of 4" inches to the skirt piece...

 This dress comes together really quickly, I believe it took me a day and half.. That's what I call my kind of sewing lol... Oh yeah, before I forget.. I didn't construct the neckline as the instructions state.. I just sewed it as I do most of my knit necklines. Which is to fold the neckline band lengthwise and press, serge the raw edge, pin the raw edge to neckline/shoulder that is not sewn( only one shoulder should be sewn at this point). keep pinning neckline around until you get to the other shoulder, now sew the band onto the neckline at 1/4 seam and now join the shoulders together (front and back) making sure that everything is lined up.. Lastly, press your neckband and topstitch if you desire...I hope this helps!

 Overall this is a great pattern that comes together quickly, and I do see maybe one more in the near future.. I hope you ladies have a great weekend, and get in as much sewing as your heart desires...Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Crazy about stripes/ M6886

  The fact that I love stripes is an understatement, seeing the fact at how much I have sewn (here, herehere and here..) with them..But I live by the motto, well sewing motto that is; which is to sew what you love! Simple, yes? I sometimes browse online to see what's hot, and I just so happened to see this Michael Kors dress. I was sold, stripes, simplicity, chic, comfortable, yass hunty lol! This dress comes together extremely quickly, and I do  believe that I had it done within a few hours or so.. If anything else, it helped get me pumped and excited again about sewing, especially after having all those astronomical amounts of wadders, and yes I being dramatic but that's how it felt lol!

I made view A
Michael Kors dress from Neiman Marcus
  I made view A and chose to lengthen the dress about two inches and I also used a bias binding on the neckline for a clean finish...Seriously, you won't even need the instructions, but should you need them they are great... I do want to note that the neckline for the head opening is SMALL, y'all my head is freakishly large, for example let's just say that I have been known to do some damage to a turtle neck BAHAHAHA! Just wanted to give a word of caution there, but then again maybe it's just my big ol' head lol...

 Overall this a great quick and easy pattern and I will probably sew this again, just will alter that neckline :) I hope you ladies have a wonderful week, I'm off to get this workout in and done...Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

M6754 Review....

I realize my arm is cut off and my unmentionables may be peeking
out a smidge, but it is what it is :)..
  So, I've been neglecting my little blog lately, and it wasn't intentional. I was just going through a moment like what am I contributing to the blog world, this or that is not perfect, or this could be better etc.... Y'all I had to snap out of it and say hey, life isn't perfect and neither am I... I hope going forward that I can share both sides of my sewing world with you, the successes as well as the failures.. Y'all that's another thing I've had so many wadders in the past month or so, that this top almost became one.. I mean it was almost in the trash, yes the trash! You see I cut this top out after I had my baby girl and so I cut the largest size which was XXL.. Well, fast forward eight months later and the pattern I cut is now too big..

Y'all know how hard it can to hide ones hands and feet? (My nails aren't
done, ooh the horror LOL..)
I'd forgotten that I cut this out in a larger size ,and so when I sewed it up it was TOO BIG!  Well, this left me frustrated, because of what I thought should have been an easy sew. But a few weeks later I pulled this top out of my bin and had to nip and tuck this top all over.. I was so not happy having to do this, but very happy in the end that I did... The construction of this top was really easy and beginner friendly... I didn't use the elastic for the waist, just didn't deem it necessary.. I added an inch on all the bodice pieces, as I didn't want the top to ride above my waist... That's not hot, right?

  This is a cute little top that goes together fairly quickly and I'm really glad that I finished it! Oh, yeah, that's M6886 on my dress form, what can I say besides I love stripes lol! I hope you ladies are enjoying your weekend and getting all the sewing time you desire.... Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!
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