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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A little fabric tale and what I'm working on...

Cutting out patterns and fabric, while practicing my photo skills- your girl is multi-tasking,lol! I really wish I had a great story to tell regarding the need for this picture. Like for instance, these were my grandmother's scissors, or my mom's pincushion. You know, to really sell the need for posting this picture, which looks rather vintage,right?  But I don't!,lol! I'm just trying to get better at taking photos. (Is this caption too long?) LOL!


   Hey y'all! I hope everyone has had a great week thus far, and ready to get a jump start on their weekend. I wasn't as productive as I'd hoped in getting prepped for a successful sewing weekend last week; however, this weekend I wasn't playing, no indeed,lol! I finished up my homework for school. Y'all, I'm trying to finish my degree; pray for me :). I treated my fabrics, cut out patterns, and I even had the audacity to alter a few patterns. I'm telling you I am feeling something like a boss right now,lol.

  Well, let me back up a bit. I ordered some fabric from fabric (dot) com, which by the way, I hadn't done in years. I mean, I don't like being the bearer of bad news and all, but man, their fabric at times can really come back to bite you in the behind :).... But you see, I was desperate, desperate, you hear for a white Nylon Ponte knit fabric. I ordered, or thought I ordered a white Ponte Nylon knit from another online company, who shall remain nameless because I'm no hater,lol! However, comma and yes, it is very necessary that I put the (However, comma in written form) because that's what I would say when I am  getting ready to give someone a "read", or a "good talking" to if you will,HA! No, but I like their company, so I will digress.

   Well, instead of receiving the precious white Ponte Nylon fabric that I ordered; I received instead, a black nylon ponte, so I was truly bummed guys! I had grand plans for this fabric, but all was not lost, at least I didn't think that they were.  So, I did a quick internet search; google is the truth, seriously! I found my fabric! Yes, my white ponte nylon at fabric (dot) com. I was all too excited!  For one, it was on sale that day  and to make my excitement even greater it was only 8 yards that were available, so I told myself, self, this fabric has to be bomb, right?! I mean, look, it's only 8 yards left; therefore, everyone must be in on this secret but you, right?!

So, I patiently awaited my order, because remember- I had grand plans for the white nylon ponte knit. Well, I get my order, and the fabric is clearly too thin for what I intended it to be, boo! I was so disgusted, but more disgusted that I allowed my angst to pressure me to order this fabric, knowing how shady fabric (dot) com fabrics can be (you see desperation is never a good thing,lol). But! All was not lost because although the fabric is too thin for what I needed it for; it really does have a great drape, because the Nylon-Ponte knit is thinner than your typical ponte. In the end, I was able to use it for the Simplicity pattern that I'm planning to work on this weekend, hopefully!   (It's Simplicity pattern #8094, the long tunic with the side slits). So, I guess I won't complain much because I'm able to use the fabric, but I hate ordering fabric that is marked medium weight per the website and clearly receive something that is far from the description, grrrr!

  I also cut out another Simplicty 1613 and seeing how off the shoulder tops are everywhere right now!( Have y'all seen Melanine's self-drafted, off the shoulder top? Perfection!) The one that I reviewed before, it was okay, like I just didn't like that the band would rise up. I'm thinking because I needed more length in the band; however, this time though, I made sure to account for this issue and added, I think two or three inches to the band to allow for the fold over. 

   Well before this post gets any longer, and I bore you all to tears,lol! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with plenty of sewing, fabric shopping, resting, good food- just whatever floats your boat :)! Let me know what your plans are for the weekend; you know you can never have too much inspiration, for inspiration is the glue that holds everything together,right?! Well, as always, be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! ~Candice

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  1. Candice it so very nice seeing your post. I have truly missed you and seeing your gorgeous works.

    1. Faye, thank you so much! It feels so great to be back. I just needed to get myself together after this move and figure out a few things, but it's great to be doing what I love again.

  2. This is why I'm so scared to buy fabric online - I hate to receive something totally different from what I thought I was buying. I'm glad you're still going to be able to use the fabric. I can't wait to see what you make. Your photos look really great by the way!

    1. The Sewing CPA, I agree, it's sometimes a gamble, but now I like to stick to sites where I can trust their descriptions of their products to be the most accurate. Mood fabrics, Fabricmart, Gorgeous Fabrics, are really great sources for fabric, as I haven't been disappointed with a purchase yet! And thank you so much for the encouragement on my photos. Loved your new Simplicity dress; the fabric is gorgeous!

  3. Exactly why I cannot, no matter, revert to ordering from Fabric-dot-com. I think I ordered from them a grand total of 5 times and all 5 orders had an issue. No bueno!

    Fabric Mart is my bestie. LOL! Not that there are never any issues (online buying is always a bit of a gamble, like you said) but I find their quality for the price is just too good to pass up.

    Can't wait to see that tunic, I bought that one too...and the cute off the shoulder top. I have that pattern but never tackled it because DDs (!) so I'll be interested to see if the additional depth of the fold over helps.

    WHEW! :) Welcome back and hope to see more of you!

    1. SewCraftyChemist, I knew better than to trust that their fabrics had magically gotten better over the years, ugh.. It will never happen again, and as you say, "no buneo"! No Bueno here either,lol..

      Fabric Mart is so bomb and their deals, man! I hate to log into to their site in the morning, because I know I'm setting myself up,LOL!

      I hope that the added length to the fold over helps prevent the top from uprising at the fold over; we shall see! And thanks girl for the welcome back- it feels great to be back. It feels like home :).