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Monday, April 25, 2016

A little pattern and fabric talk

  Where did our weekend go? Gosh, it totally flew by, right? Whelp, let's dig right on in you guys for this post. I feel like there is so many patterns, fabric sales, etc. It feels like a "sewing over stimulation",lol.

   I mean can one become over stimulated in sewing? Yes, no, maybe? LOL! I digress, but I'm sure you've all seen the new offerings for the Simplicity and New Look summer release.

  I know it seems to be pretty mixed in terms of digging this seasons offerings and all. I know for myself, I'm pretty smitten. Here are my picks from the Simplicity and New Look summer release. I've already placed my order; sure did,lol! So, here are my Simplicity picks:

I love how on trend this one is. I just love how free-spirited this top seems.
I'm all for "chic comfort" these days.

I know this silhouette isn't ground breaking; I just like it! I'm sure I already have something similar in stash.
 Is that a pattern hoarder,much?Lol! 

I ordered this one, but it's kinda getting the side-eye from me. Let me explain: It's cute, but I'm
not sure it's me, you know? I'm sure after a see a few awesome ones I'll get inspiration.

I'm sure this one may be slightly too large, but this style is really my "jush", or my
jam, or my thing! HA!

I like view C.. It seems more of fall pattern?

You know what? I think I may have forgotten to order this one for my little baby girl, who is actually
about to turn three soon, sigh; time really does fly..

    You maybe wondering where are the New Look offerings, but unfortunately, I didn't really see anything that caught my eye with New Look this season. Well, I did have some more patterns and fabric come in the post on last week. I must stay off of Etsy and Ebay,lol!

I picked up this top from Target (Tarjay) if you want to be "extra", but honey, I'm from the south
and it's just plain ol' Target, lol. It's so cool to see patterns on trend with RTW,right?

I finally got a cutting mat,yes! I seriously am thankful for everything; big or small, yep! But these are all out of print
and I just had to have them all :). I do have immediate plans for two: V1248 and the M6704.

This silky cotton sateen was a fabric find from EBay, and let me just say; this picture does this fabric no justice- none!
I absolutely may or may not look and pet this fabric twice a day since purchasing it,lol!

Fabric mart finds: (L to R) Red linen, black and white tweed I believe, and my least favorite; the poly satin "lime green fabric". I'm not disappointed-as I truly was unfamiliar with this fabric type, but I'm sure I can use it for some type of muslin.

  I'm hoping to get at least my Simplicity dress finished this week. I didn't get around to sewing anything this weekend, boo. I was still trying to finish up my sewing room, and my husband had to deconstruct and reconstruct a table that I'd rather unsuccessfully tried putting together,lol.

  What can I say? I am not patient, nope! I'm working on it, but don't hold your breath,lol! Well, y'all, that's all I have- hopefully I'll have something to show this week, fingers crossed. You all have a great week ahead and be great on purpose! Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! ~Candice

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  1. Nice haul, Ms. Candace. Looking forward to seeing your makes. In the meantime, I'm going to try to figure out if today is really Monday or is it Saturday evening. Tee Hee.

  2. You made some great fabric and pattern choices! I was aware Simplicity had released, but didn't know about New Look. And it IS fun to find RTW and sewing patterns on trend! For some reason, the last time I was at Urban Outfitters, I found three dresses that were sewing patterns!! Good luck with sewing your dress!!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I absolutely love finding something RTW to compare to a sewing pattern; it's the best, lol!

  3. Great finds. I like S8141 too--wondering about best fabric choices. Also S8140 is my kinda top/tunic look too. Happy Sewing!

    1. See, Robin, I see we are on the same page with S8140. I just love this type of top/tunic!

  4. Cool pickings and the lil girl pattern is adorable. Great fabrics.

    1. Thanks Sheila! My little lady picked out her own pattern,lol!

  5. Cool pickings and the lil girl pattern is adorable. Great fabrics.

  6. I'm also obsessed with 8140 and 8141 and upset they don't come in 'misses' sizes. :( Both are totally my style!