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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ramblings and such..

Hey y'all! It's hump day Wednesday, whoop-whoop!  We are at the finish line heading towards the weekend, yes!  Listen, y'all, I've got so many ideas floating around in my head; however, time just isn't allowing me to be great,lol. I've been working, or shall I say, I've started on the Cynthia Rowley pattern 1105.

Cute, right?! But...I had to add some inches, yes, indeed,lol!

I'd shared the progress picture over on Instagram if you rock with me over there, then you've probably seen this already. I've really been into to Ankara print fabric, here lately. It's so vibrant in color and it is a cotton weave, so it is comfortable for the spring and summer temperatures.

I promise the print in the back is even; it just hasn't been sewn yet :)...

   However, I had to take a slight break from finishing up this dress, which seems pretty simple btw. But y'all, I finally got my own sewing room. It's small, but it is all mine. You see, when I first started sewing, I shared a sewing space with the workout equipment and later from there transitioned to sharing a sewing space with the laundry/ storage space. Now, don't get me wrong; I'm thankful for even that- because I was still able to do what I love. I believe when we can be grateful for the little, then we show we are ready for more :)... Okay, stepping off my box now,lol! Here's a sneaky peak of my little sewing space.


I know, I know- this is so incredibly random, but y'all have to understand I've been on the hunt for this pattern
for at least a year and finally found one in my size, yessss! Ebay and Etsy is truly the bees knees,lol.

I decided on pinks and golds for my room colors. It's interesting, that while I like the color pink; I don't wear it at all. Well, maybe lipstick, yes, but not clothing. Strange, right?! I still have a few things to do before I can call it done, but I'm loving this space thus far. Let's see, what else? Oh my gosh! Can we talk about fabric binges as well as pattern binges,lol.. Y'all, I've got to do better, but the darn Fabricmart sales have been doing your girl in,lol! I purchased quite a few patterns, but I'll show you some of the ones that I'm really excited about:
Vogue 1496: Now, I'm usually not a fan of Sandra Betzina patterns, although I think
she is pretty awesome, but this one just lines up with my style. To be honest, I just love
the "unbothered" look. Is that a thing? Well, if it is; then that is Candice in a nutshell,lol!

Vogue 1507: I think this is cute, no? It's just again says to me unbothered. You see,
because I don't do all the accessorizing and bags and things like that. I like simple, yet with a little jazz..
I'm probably going to wait for a few reviews on this, though. I know lame, but whatever! HA! 

  I won't bore you with all of the patterns that I've procured in the past few weeks, though, hopefully I can start putting in some work on some of the patterns that I told myself that I just had to have, NOW! I'm going to try to get the simplicity dress finished up; just debating on if I wanted to add the binding on the neckline. I know that I didn't plan for it on the armholes, just wasn't sure about the neckline yet; we'll see! I also got in some gorgeous knit fabric from mood and wanted to get started on McCall's 7348:

I think this pattern is so cute, so hopefully I can get this done this weekend. Who am I kidding? I better say cut- out at least

 Well, y'all, that's all I have for now. I hope you all are having a great week... Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!


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  1. Your sewing room looks amazing! I love the colors. I'm totally with you on the ankara print - it makes garments stand out. Your dress is coming along really well.

  2. Candice your sewing room is picture perfect!

    1. Thanks Faye, it feels so great to finally have my very own space.

  3. Love your sewing space, and your ramblings, lol! Good luck on finishing your current project!