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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Avocado's anyone? Simplicity 8124 Review

     Hey y'all! I'm back with a review from pattern designer, none other than Cynthia Rowley. Can we just say that I am a true fan girl, like seriously! I love, love her design aesthetic'; her designs are so fresh and now, right?!
  I seriously believe that this pattern might make the  best patterns on PR this year, too. This is a simplistic pattern, as there are only three pattern pieces, yes, only three, so major score! You have your front, back and the sleeve pattern pieces; that is if you are doing view A. View A, is the view that I made. I made this is in a medium at the bust and graded to a large at the hip down. BIG mistake, big! This design is intended to have a lot of ease, but man, the ease is astounding,lol!
However, the ease is printed on the pattern sheet, so that was my bad :)..

  For my next version, I will make the entire dress, or top in a medium.  I added 4" to the front and back pieces, because these pattern is designed to be relatively short.  However, I've been on this uneven hem  or "handkerchief" kick lately, so this dress has a slight "handkerchief" hem like my previous Cynthia Rowley pattern.
A little inside action.. ( I took this on my phone camera, so the color
isn't as vibrant :(...)

  I knew at first glance that I had to have this dress, and with seeing this type garment everywhere in the RTW. I knew I needed my own. I used a avocado green linen fabric, that I purchased from Fabric Mart fabrics during one of their many great sales.

The neckline  casing
  There's really not much too say other than, that this is truly a great pattern. It's so great for the summer seasons. Just check and make sure your good with the sizing, because once the sleeves are on, it's pretty difficult to take in the sides if you need to. I have another one planned, like in , the fabric is in the wash, lol! So, that's a great pattern in my book! Well, that's  a wrap!

               I hope you all are having a fantastic week, filled with plenty of sewing!

            ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! Candice
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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Sandra Betzina, girl you rock! V1496

Vogue 1496

 Can I just say: Come through Sandra, come through! LOL. I absolutely and positively love this dress. It's comfortable, especially seeing that I raised my "V-neck". Hey! I have three little people, and one toddler who loves to grab at mommy's clothes,lol! I ended up wearing this for brunch for Mother's day- minus the shoes, though! LOL! I love me a heel, but I live for comfort :)...

   I was immediately drawn to this pattern when it was released. I just had to wait for inspiration for fabric, ya know?! I used a fabric that I purchased from "Gorgeous Fabrics" quite some time ago. I believe it's a neoprene fabric.

  If someone has this fabric and could verify this, this would be awesome! I know it's a stretch fabric, though. I was a little worried about using "neoprene", as this was my first go with this fabric type. The worries were unwarranted- seeing as the fabric behaved quite well; Thank goodness!

Clean finished facing. I got this tip from a Sandra Betzina video.
I love this method for interfaced facings. It gives the facing such a neat and
tidy appearance.

 Let's talk about sizing. I was all set for the size, based on the back of the envelope, but this pattern has a ton of ease. Like a ton!  I believe I went with a size D, and this gave me plenty of ease, but without it being too big  Sandra's patterns are sized using letters- versus numbers.I was new to all of this, just like a fish out water. LOL!  Y'all, I had to adjust! I kept looking for numbers, ya know?! But there were none :).

  However, when I sewed it up, and tried on the garment. The fit was just right. I'm afraid if I had used "my size" range for the bust, which would have put me in the size E.

 Then the dress would have not fit great; it would have been much too big, based on the finished measurements.  Although the dress is meant to have a lot of ease, I didn't want it to be an over abundance of ease. I  mean, a dress designed such as this can get really unflattering fast, especially if it looks frumpy.  However, all of the ones that I've seen thus far of this pattern, have be FABULOUS!

A pic of the alterations to the pattern. I raised the V-neck 3 or 4".
I may have over done, idk. I just wanted to be sure that it
was little people proof :).. I also made sure that after I altered the
front to alter the front and back neck facing, and that it met at the center front.
I also had to raise the dot (you can kind of see where I had to readjust the dot to
get it level,lol).

  Like, if you're wanting a body con- then this certainly wouldn't be your thing. I love it! I know, I know. I've been saying a lot, but it's true. This pattern is all that! I wouldn't be surprised if I saw this vote best pattern over on PR this year.

 I initially started out with the longer length, but after trying it on, it felt a little frumpy. I mean this is a loose fitting dress, so I needed a little oomph, ya know?! So, to compromise, I chopped off about 2" of the bottom of the dress, and we were back in business again. It still allowed me to show a little leg, and to wear a heel without the dress becoming much too short for me.

A close-up shot of the armholes before sewing the side seams. You
sew the back yoke to the dots on either side and stop sewing at the dots. These make the
armholes. I do want to note: Please do your hem here, as the pattern instructs. It really does make
life simple. Of course, I did it the hard way, as I was so pressed to try the dress on. I must work on patience,lol!

   I also thought about leaving off the pockets. The horror I know,lol! I'm so glad that I didn't, because the pockets are such a cool detail in this dress. The pockets are essentially sewn on top of the inside of the dress and concealed, and topstitched on the outside.

I totally forgot to make sure the print was even on the side. It's a little off,
but not enough to cause me to lose sleep :)....

  What else?! Okay, so besides altering the V-neck to raise the neckline, and clean finishing the facing. I also cut my back pattern piece on the fold to not disturb the print in the fabric. I think Sandra mentions this in the instructions, but don't quote me,HA! I'm feeling much too lazy to dig out my pattern instructions in my sewing room..Y'all, that would never get old. I promise pictures, soon, though!

I cut the back pattern piece on the fold, so I wouldn't disturb the
print in the back.

I would certainly recommend this pattern, and I'm glad to have this one in my wardrobe for sure. I know this will get plenty of wear. Now, to find another suitable fabric, and I'll be all over this one again :). I do have a question: Is neoprene, the same as scuba fabric? Let me know y'all!

  I know that there are so many great patterns and prints  that I've been seeing lately. This neoprene, is lightweight and definitely comfortable, so hopefully I can another fabric type like this one again. I hope everyone had a great Mother's day weekend!

                    ~Be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!

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