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Sunday, September 18, 2016

LRD Dress:Review McCall's 7429

 Y'all, let me just say right now; this pattern tried to do me in! Oh my goodness,lol! I haven't in a while had problems deciphering a pattern. The directions for the twist knot detail, which is the star of the show, btw; however, made zero sense to me, none! It wasn't until I watched a new to me blogger's video on this pattern, who also happens to be in the FabricMart Fabricista challenge. Thanks Brittany! 

 I think the confusion for me started in step 9: The directions instruct you to pleat in the fullness, so in my mind I'm thinking I needed to literally pleat the fabric, right?! Wrong! 

"Pleat in fullness on lower portion of front to fit between large circles on upper left front".

 In reality, what you are to do is to bring the front clipped piece that you made the 5/8" narrow hem at the left opening and encase it to the upper left front.

Left front narrowed hemmed section

Encase the left front narrow hemmed
section to the upper left narrowed hemmed section

It should look something like this.
I placed a pin in the forming knot, before
turning the dress over and going to step #10

 I thought it all was becoming clear once I made it pass step 9; however, it was a slight confusion in step 10 as well, ugh. I think it's safe to say that I was all too confused in making this pattern,lol. 

Step 10

 You really have to ensure that for step 10, that you are working on the wrong side of the fabric. Also, I found it helpful to mark the right sides of my fabric with tape, prior to sewing. I did this because my fabric was difficult to tell the wrong and right sides apart.

I would also mention that pieces :1,2, and 3 are cut singled layer on the right side of the fabric and I had to remember to mark my markings on the wrong side of the fabric. I made a test garment and totally fudged this up! I had my markings on the right side of the fabric, which in part, complicated an already confusing ordeal, lol..So please, please just make sure to mark the wrong side of the fabric,lol.. 

Step 10: "Pin  lower edge of left front to upper edge of upper
left front, matching symbols. Stitch, using a Double-Stitched seam. Press seam down". 
Only the left side should be pinned and sewn at
this point and this is the inside of the fabric.
  Interestingly enough, that when you reach step #11. The front is pretty much constructed and comes together from there without much effort, whew! So here are the construction notes:

  • I made a 16 at the bust and graded out to the 18 and the waist and hips. I kinda of wished that I made a straight 16, but I was worried that it may fit too snug. Like, I wanted a form, but not too form fitting dress. If that makes any sense,lol.
  • I used a red Ponte knit fabric from Fabric Mart fabrics. However, it was a very thin, almost rayon(ish) feel, but the perfect weight for this dress. I love Ponte, it just holds all the women parts in so to speak. I don't think I would recommend anything like a heavy Ponte knit.
  • I  didn't have to add any length. I made view C, the longer length, but added the mock turtleneck from one of the other views.
  • I twin-needled the hem on the bottom of the dress, but if I were to do it again, would probably hand sew or blind hem the hem by machine. This dress was a lot more dressier than I figured it would be, but that's okay. It will be perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons for parties and such.

 Overall, I love this pattern, although it took a moment to figure out the construction,lol.. I'm unsure if I will get to this one again. If I do happen to make this one again, I will try to make a more casual version. However, I'm glad to have this one in my closet, as I know it will get plenty of wear for the upcoming Holiday season.

 I hope I offered a little bit of clarity, or what I found to have cleared things up for myself in making this one up. I hope you all swing by Brittany's blog, or YouTube as she does a wonderful job in doing a step-by step for this pattern. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. 
   As always, be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce!~Candice
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  1. Candice what a gorgeous dress, and the git is excellent too.

  2. Candice what a gorgeous dress, and the git is excellent too.

  3. Well, you definitely came out with another winner!! Those instructions look SO CONFUSING! Bravo on sticking it out and ending up with a beautiful LRD!

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Yes, the twist knot was a wee bit confusing,lol..I hope my pictures will help someone.

  4. Candice, that is one smokin hot dress! I am glad you made it work as those directions look super confusing!

  5. Fiyah Candice! Red is a perfect color for this one. You look fabulous...and the hair!!! WERK!

  6. Fiyah Candice! Red is a perfect color for this one. You look fabulous...and the hair!!! WERK!

  7. In the end it was worth the looks so beautiful and you look great in it. Brittany really does a great job with her videos. She's very talented.

    1. Thanks The Sewing CPA! Brittany, really does a great job with her videos. She is definitely a great asset to the sewing community.

  8. It was so worth every effort Ms. Candice! This dress is gorgeous on you! I love the fabric color on your complexion too! Just stunning!

  9. Thanks, I put the front together today and realized it's not the same as the picture so I decided to see if others have had problems. Sure enough! I have done other knot dresses and love them. I'll give it another go tomorrow.....Mary Jo

  10. Thank you so much for making this so clear - without finding your blog I was feeling like giving up!