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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall sewing!

  I absolutely love this time of year. The leaves are covering the grounds with their beautiful colors of earthiness. The urgent desire to sip hot coca,while watching the sappy Hallmark holiday movies,lol. I simply just adore the coziness that this time of year brings; it just tickles my soul. However, there's just one tiny problem: we are stationed in a tropical climate that has one season, which is hot,LOL!  So imagine my surprise, mixed with excitement to see fall leaves on the ground yesterday while out with my little people at the park. I miss the changing of the seasons, especially fall but seeing the fall leaves on the ground truly put a smile on my face.

  Okay, I promise not bore you all with my love for fall and all. Y'all, I had grand plans of creating three separate looks from this one pattern, which happens to be morphed from M7429. Then life happened, and those plans got derailed. Last week, I lost one of my dearest and closest friends to breast cancer, and to me everything just happened so suddenly. At one point, it looked like she was making a complete turn around. I was even able to tell her how much I loved her, and then I received the news that my friend was no longer here. So, it has been a tough two weeks, but I know my friend is in a much better place, and I take comfort in believing the best.

 Before life happened, I posted over on my IG account that I had planned to use another McCall's pattern to use as base to get the top and dress that I saw recently while at the mall.

 Well, yeah, no, that didn't end well, LOL!  You guys I had these grand plans that I was going to construct three entirely different looks from this one pattern. You know something like a Project Runway type moment, right?!  I morphed my patterns together that I was to use: M7429 and M7438, as I love the fit and flare style of that dress. I'd actually made this pattern up over the summer, and it was easily one of my favorite dress this past summer.

 Yeah, so I'd gotten my pattern morphed together, fabric cut out and I go to try the dress on ,and every seam on that "baby turtleneck" pops open, incredible Hulk style, LOL! Y'all, so I gather my feelings, and decide that I would just add some type of button hole closure, yeah, no! That created some some sort of  nonhuman, meta-human(Do y'all watch "The Flash"? My little boys have me hooked, season 3 started on Tuesday,lol) like hump in my back, so no bueno! I finally decided life is too short to be giving attention to this negativity, LOL and to just forge ahead with my lone star turtleneck top that I'd made earlier in the week. 

 It's still "all good in the hood", because I really need more casual everyday wear like this turtleneck, so I know it will be in heavy rotation. Although we live in a tropical climate, I know that I can't really immerse myself in all of the fall and winter trends, but I can make modifications to some of the styles to make them wearable while we're here. But here  are a few construction notes:

  • I used M7429 as a base (give credit where credit is due. I'm a firm believer in this)
  • I made a 16 bust and graded out for the waist and hips.
  • I eliminated the back seam and just cut on the fold. I didn't want to disturb the stripes,. However, the irony is that I didn't match them up all too well this time anyhow,lol! But to that I say: It's all good!
  • I used ponte knit which was left over from a M7432. I love when that happens :)
  • I added a did twin-needled hem for the armholes and hem.
  • And Viola! I had a new topper that I can mix match with other things in my wardrobe. I now realize that I need more tops, so in the coming weeks that's probably what I'll be incorporating in my wardrobe. But of course, we all know in our sewing world, that is subject to be changed,lol! 

  Welp, that's all I have for now, but I hope I can muster up enough energy to get started on a few tops that I need. We shall see! I wish you all well and plenty of sewing this week. 

         ~As always, be blessed and nothin' less and continue to stay fearlessly fierce! Candice

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  1. My condolences about the passing of your dear friend. I know that had to be tough, and I totally understand your sewing life being interrupted.

    I do love that you had a Project Runway moment! I have those too! Regardless of things not working out the way you hoped, you gave it your best! Your turtleneck is cute, and will work as a great layering piece (if it ever gets cooler there).

    1. Thank you Vanessa. Yes, it's always tough when you lose someone very close to you.

      I love those Project Runway moments myself,lol. I'm hoping to get a few layering pieces added to my fall wardrobe.

  2. I really like your new top Candice. I need some new ones my self.

  3. Oh Candice, I am so very sorry about your friend. You have my deepest condolences. My sister lost her very best friend to breast cancer too and at an early age. I pray for the day there's a cure for Cancer of any kind.

    Also, I love, love, love Project Runway moments and am currently working on one. (Thrift Store Challenge). I really love your top too and understand being in a tropical climate does impact our fall wardrobe a bit. However, I'm still looking forward to fall sewing...just modified like yours!

    1. Thanks Myra! It's so difficult to lose someone so close to you.

      And I look forward to seeing your fall wardrobe modified, as I love your style!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. This world has lost so many great people to cancer. It really breaks my heart.

    Your top turned out so beautiful and fits you very well.

    1. Thanks The Sewing CPA, my friend will be deeply missed.