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Thursday, March 23, 2017

It's a ruffle kinda of season :Vogue 9243

   Guys have you ever started a project, and were quite excited to make the garment, but halfway through finishing, you suddenly lose interest? Well, that was my story. I have never been so ready to call a garment done in my life,lol.

I made view F

This pattern is seriously not hard at all, technique wise, that is. I mean, once you get over having to hem those four flounces if you do the view that I made, which is view F. However,  I'm just kinda of meh about this project. I  think because I loved McCall's 7542 so much, and was hoping the same for this top too, but nope!

 The neckline on this one is enormously large! I didn't catch this when I tissue fitted the pattern, but I have been more diligent in exercising and eating better, so I don't know; maybe I lost a few pounds, which could have caused the neckline to be large. However, if you look closely at the model on the cover, it looks to be a little large on the model's neckline as well, so something to note.

A little snapshot of the hem on the flounce, the invisible zipper and
the princess seams

 Let's get into sizing. I made a straight size 18. However, If I could go back I would probably do a 16 at the bust and grade out to an 18. The neckline on this top is so large that the 22" invisible zipper that I installed was more for merit than necessity, as I was able to get this top over my large dome rather easily and that says a lot,lol.

  Other than the large neckline, I didn't run into any other problems with this top. Everything is pretty standard in terms of construction goes- even the sleeve flounce hems were easier this go round. I'm not too upset with not being in love with the top, as the fabric was remnants from a previous garment. I used a challis for the body of the garment and a silky type something for the sleeve flounces. I really wanted those flounces to just float, ya know?!

I guess you can't win them all! I would still recommend this pattern, but perhaps say to check the neckline. I know I could have probably fixed the neckline somewhat, but I wasn't too pressed, ya know?! I'm just ready to move on and really started getting into my Spring projects, which I have too many lined up,lol.

Well, that's all I have for now, y'all. You guys have a wonderful rest of the week and hopefully I'll be back soon with some Spring projects to show.

                    ~As Always Be Blessed and Nothin' Less and Continue to Stay FearlesslyFierce!                                                                            Candice

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  1. These tops look so good on you! Love these sleeves too! Stunning!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! I'm really loving the sleeve trend.

  2. This top looks great on you! You styled it prefectly. I can't wait to see your spring projects.

  3. Looooooooove everything about this top and the whole outfit!! Hello yellow!!

  4. I think this looks very chic on you. Good job!

  5. Ditto what everyone else is saying: Fabulous! Well done. We're going to share this on our Facebook page today.

  6. I think this looks stunning on you! I don't notice the neckline looking large, but then again, I am not wearing it.

    1. Thanks Sue! The top kind of likes to slip off of my shoulders, but I may try to go in and place two darts in the neckline.

  7. Lovely top and looks fabulous on you.

  8. Wow! This is so pretty Ms. Candice! You look absolutely stunning in it!

  9. It looks so lovely, Candice. You styled it so well - I love the shoes! You look amazing.

  10. Super cute. Can't go wrong with a white top either!

    I do think I prefer the McCall's though. It just seems to fit better through the body. But this sleeve! much drama. so fantastic.

  11. I think think your top looks great on you, Candice; perfect with the black skinny jeans and heels. I wonder if you could sort of merge this one with the McCalls top neckline to create The Flutter Sleeve Top of Your Dreams! :-).

  12. Love your style and the article on Pattern Review on you! The pic of you in red by your red dressmaker is so cute; would make a perfect paper doll!